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  1. Carrying on with this topic, I have come to the conclusion the ignition switch could be the problem. My last STS had to have the ignition switch replaced. I have got all the screws out that hold the switch in, but just cannot get it out of the dash. The air supply ducting behind the switch does not give me enough room to get it out. Anybody know how to remove it? Thanks
  2. Actually the reason I replaced the unit was because the left turn signal was very intermittent to not working at all. You could hear it clicking on and off but the left turn lights were not coming on all the time. Sometimes they would come on sometimes they wouldn't. I did disconnect the battery for a while but that didn't help either. I also do not have the old unit as I threw it away once I had the new one. I am thinking it might be the turn signal lever, but I don't want to get into that. It can become very expensive buying replacement parts and not knowing if that is the problem.
  3. Hi again, with the engine off everything seems to work OK. Left turn lights flash with left turn on, right turn lights flash with right turn on. With engine running, left turn signal turns on all turn lights (left and right.) All bulbs flashing on and off. Weird. My emergency flasher is in the center of the console between the ac vent control wheels.
  4. Thanks for the reply. The module is a combination hazard and turn signal combo. Sits in the middle of the dash. The part I installed was A genuine AC Delco part #25635327. There is only one way to plug in the harness. Its funny how it works when the engine is not running. All bulbs are OK.
  5. Hi guys, I have a weird problem with my 03 STS. I have just replaced the turn signal/hazard unit in the dashboard, because the left turn signal would sometimes work, you could hear the unit clicking but the arrows on the display would not light up, also the left turn signal lights would not work either. The right turn signal worked fine as did the 4 way flashers. I assumed it was the flasher unit so I replaced it with an AC Delco original unit. After installing the new unit, now I have a different problem. When I turn on the left signal the 4 way flashers turn on. The right turn seems to be O
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. I took the car to the Cadillac dealer for a road test. They said it was definately a wheel bearing. They wanted over $600 to replace it. I had already replaced the right bearing in January this year so I assumed it had to be the left one. So out I went and bought a new bearing for the left. Put it on and still the noise was there. I then took it to the Chevy dealer who had replaced the right bearing in January and asked them to road test it. Came back and said it was a wheel bearing, but could not pinpoint which one until they put the car on the hoist and use a
  7. No change when turning. I have just finished a front brake job yesterday and even tried rocking the wheels No movement at all. I am now thinking it might be a bearing in the output shaft of the transmission. The noise is definately related to road speed. Are there any bearings on the drive shafts at the transmission housing? If I can't pinpoint the noise I may have to put it in for an evaluation at the dealer. Not to repair it, just to confirm my suspicion. Thanks
  8. Hi guys, does anyone know if the front wheel bearing assy can make a humming noise without any appreciable movement when rocking the wheel. I have this humm/whine when driving. I suspect the wheel bearings but am not sure which one of the front bearings is making the noise.(if any) I have tried rocking the wheel with no movement. The noise does vary with the speed of the vehicle. No visable grease. Any comments welcome.
  9. OK Guys I have found the problem. Someone had cut some wires in the harness. put in some jumpers-..problem solved.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where the rear parking light resistor is located. I have a bulb out and no power to the socket. I have checked out the fuse and is is OK. According to the wiring diagram there is a 7.68 ohm resistor in the circuit. I assume this could be the problem. Trouble is I can't find out where it is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Golfer
  11. Does anybody know if it is possible to buy some aftermarket struts for a 2003 Cadillac STS. Mine semm to have partially siezed, I took it to a Cadillac dealer to find out where the clunks were coming from and to get an estimate. They quoted me $1400.00 each for the struts. The part No is GM19300076. I am not sure if this is with the spring attached or just the strut. any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ron
  12. Does anyone know what turns on the trunk light when it opens. I can't find any switches anywhere. Driving me crazy groping around in the dark Thanks RW
  13. Hi guys, I have a question regarding the camchaft position sensor on my 2003 STS. I had the engine light come on, and after calling the codes I got a pcm code P0340. I cleared the codes and the engine light went off for a while and came back on again. The engine runs fine without any misfires or rough idle. My question is, how come the engine runs OK with the camshaft position sensor sending out the p0340. I thought its job was to time the spark and fuel injection. Ron
  14. Thanks for the reply. I had posted a month or so ago thinking it was the motor, I have since bought a new motor and that one doesn't work either. So I still think it is the module. I dont know if they can be repaired or not. Anyway anyone need a new fan motor. Ron
  15. Does anyone have a heater motor control module for a 2003 Seville STS. I think mine has kicked the bucket. Sometimes the fan rus and most of the time it does't. Dealer wants a fortune. It is pretty cold up here in Canada. I made a voltage check at the connector and got a pulse rather than a full 12v. I applied 12v to the motor and it ran full speed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ron
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