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  1. It's fixed!!! Drove it all weekend and it ran GREAT!!! So now, she's for sale. See my post in the for sale section for all the details..Thanks again to everyone for all your help and tips.
  2. I've decided to put my 92 Sedan Deville up for sale. When I bought my Eldorado last month, the wife said I could, but only if I sold the 92. It's a great running and driving car. It has not been "butchered" and I bought it from the son of the original owner. She bought it new and left it to him when he passed away about 10 years ago. 95.600 miles A/C works (was converted to 134a last summer) New tune up (plugs, wires, cap, rotor button, fuel filter) New distributor (New module, coil and hall effect switch) Idle speed motor replaced about 2 years ago Water pump 2 years ago Rebuilt alternator about a year ago Tires have about 95% life left Has a draw tite class II trailer hitch (1 1/4 inch receiver) and 4 way flat light plug Paint is original, I would rate it about a 7 out of 10 for most of the car, some places a little less. No Rust. Interior is also about a 7 of 10, has one split in the drivers door panel by window switches, but is about 1/4 inch long Cruise control and electric antenna both work Trunk pull down motor does not work, I actually forgot that it didn't work and never replaced it No visible oil leaks Pictures available at http://www.picturetrail.com/carolinagreg PM me or email direct to gjackson15ATgmail.com...(replace the AT with @) Will be glad to take any other pictures or answer any questions. I am asking $3200, but am willing to negotiate. Located in Stanley NC, about 20 miles west of downtown Charlotte. About 15 miles to the CLT Douglas Airport.
  3. Have you ever felt like you were taking 1 step forward and 10 back? I changed the MEM-CAL, and the car actually ran worse. The dead miss on #2 and #7 stopped, did fine going down the road..but it wouldn't idle, at all. Was surging and chuggling and giving the two codes metioned above. Tried the idle learn procedure and it would clear up, but when you shut the car off, it would go right bhack to crap when you started it back up. So, I put the old ECM back in, just to see what happened. The idle problem and codes disappeared, and the miss on #2 and #7 came back. So, the junkyard ECM was obviously bad. Since I bought it at Pull -a-part, with the warranty..I jumped in the truck and took off. Found another car that was wrecked and the ECM had not been tampered with (the first one I bought had been repleaced in a car that wasn't wrekced).. (An aside, if you are in the southeastern US or the Ohio valley, I highly recommend Pull-A-Part, they have one price shopping on used parts, the ECM for my Cadillac was the same price as one for a 98 Honda Accord, a fender for a Chevy truck is the same price as one for a Mercedes.. check it out at http://www.pullapart.com/ Got home, plugged up the 2nd computer and IT RUNS GREAT!! I didn't have to do a thing. No ISC learn, no timing set..Just plug and play. I don't have it in me to trust it just yet to make the 20 mile drive to uptown Charlotte tomorrow,just yet,, but I am going to try some close to home driving first. But I really think it is finally FINALLY fixed. I'll post an update once I drive it a little this week.
  4. Went out running errands this morning in the 92, the good news is, the dead miss problem is gone. The bad news is, I think we have created another problem, but I think (I hope) we have the solution. It seems to surge and chuggle at idle, but seems to have full power under load. twice it seemed to "fall on its face" when I took off from a stoplight..As I researched on the board here, we didn't change the MEM-CAL/PROM when we swapped the ECM out from the junkyard car. Would this be causing my problem? From the below link, it sounds like the general consensus is the PROM stays with the car..??? Should we swap it out with the one that was on the car to begin with? My fear is my dead miss would come back, but what do I know.... Also now getting codes E47 and F32, which seems to point to ECM problems.... Don't you love fixing one problem and causing two more?? Grrrr
  5. Well folks I think I may have finally fixed it..FINALLY!!! We changed the ECM tonight for one that came from a junkyard car (BTW, the unit had been replaced in the junkyard car it came out of)..And she appears to run great. I could tell as soon as I hit the switch when we cranked it, we had found the problem. We ran the idle learn procedure and set the timing..drove it a few miles and it seems to be A-OK. I won't be able to drive it more until the weekend, heading out of town for a work trip tomorrow & Friday... I just wanted to thank everyone here for all the information during this ordeal..all of your tips really helped a lot. I plan to continue visiting here...once you have that Cad in your blood, it never goes away...As much as I hate to, the wife tells me I have to sell it now that it is fixed, since I have bought the Eldorado..Awful expensive to maintain insurance on 5 cars with only 2 drivers. I will post it in the for sale section once I have it ready. Thanks again, Greg
  6. Most def GM loyal here.. Current Daily Driver- 02 Grand Prix GT Wife's daily- 07 Impala LT my former daily driver and work truck now- 95 Silverado Ext Cab short box..(LOVE my truck, still do) 2 Caddys- 92 Sedan Deville, 85 Eldo Btz. Recent- 01 Olds Alero- Wife's daily, traded for the Impala last summer 95 Olds Cutlass Supreme- wife was hit head on when a woman ran a light..was a great car. Had it for about 6 weeks and only had 60K miles on it in 2004. However, the car withstood a hearty hit and the wife only had a broken ankle afterwards 96 Olds Eighty-Eight- Was a good driver and I got a good deal, but was not crazy about the aesthetics of it. 85 Olds Ninety-Eight..was our only car when we got married, belonged to my grandfather. My brother still uses it as a third car. Bulletproof. Good lord..Didn't realize I was such an "Olds man" when I put it on paper... Just an aside here---The wife's Grandfather has a 92 Lincoln Town Car, I drove it yesterday to lunch with him..Amazes me how much of a "boat anchor" that car is compared to my 92 SedanDeville..(well, when it is running on all 8 cylinders )
  7. Alrighty folks- Talked to a "friend of a friend" that worked for a GM dealer for nearly 30 years as a tech and recently retired and opened his own tire store. He reccommened replacing the ECM, as we have tested, replaced and thrown parts until our heartIs content. Now the question is...would there be any risk involved to other systems by purchasing a junkyard ECM? Pull-A-Part has them for around $30 (I think) and the location near me in Charlotte has five 92 devilles on the lot. Advance Auto Parts sells a remanfactured unit for about $88. I hate to buy the $88 one, since we are we still in the "throwing parts" stage. Argggggg...I want to get this thing fixed so I can start playing with my new toy..My 85 Eldo.
  8. Service manual came today...looks brand new..No fingerprints at all. (ebay)..Maybe we will be getting somewhere now. Lots of good information. Mike- Appreciate it, don't worry about scanning the power bal test..THANKS!
  9. I do appreciate all the advice and encouragement.Have a list of things to do from here. I have a GM manual on the way (ebay) and hope it will help. I attempted to search for the procedure on the power balance test for this year car but can't find it...Can anyone enlighten me? Mike- We did actually change the dist cap from the onset of the problem..Initially thought it was a bad plug wire and did a full tune up.Glad to hear I am not the only one thinking about this tonight. Sitting here with the laptop while the wife watches Maury Povich..Ahh married life. The greatest.
  10. Good tip. Will try that next. I think the problem lies in the power getting to the injector, just seems odd that 2 would go at the same time. And I have only ever seen one actual injector go bad, in my driving life. Who knows at this point.
  11. Well the goose chase continues. It wasn't the hall effect switch, module or coil. I traced every possible wire I could find going to the distributor and all were in good shape. It was still missing bad and we pulled plug wires off (after disconnecting the ISC to keep the idle consistent) and it isn't firing on cylinders 2 and 7. Took those plugs out and they were extremely fuel fouled. Cleaned them up in the bead blast cabinet and reinstalled and was running fine..drove it about 2 miles and was running like brand new. Got back home and the miss started again. Keep in mind, we have checked the injectors and all were within spec, but we decided to switch he injectors between #'s 5 & 7 to see if we could move the miss to #5. Didn't work. I looked at the print outs of the wiring schematic of the injectors that I found on this site, and the 2 and 7 do not share anything in common, both go to different fuse blocks. For giggles, we checked the compression on #7, and it was over 100 lbs. We have traced it down to these two cylindrers, but just don't know what could be causing the problem. I have ordered a GM service manual and should be here first of the week, hoping to maybe be able to trace some more with it. I am wondering if somehow the ECM is not sending the signal to the these injectors?? Still getting no codes on the DIC. This is the darndest thing I have ever seen, and keep in mind my mechanic (my brother) has over 15 years mechanic time under his belt, and we do all our own work...and we are the people that get called when someone else can't figure something out. and we are just stumped. If we can't figure it out with the service manual, I guess I am going to have to take it somewhere.. Or sell it one. Thanks, Greg
  12. OK Folks. I am just flaming ticked off. The 92 got so where it wouldn't start at all. Dead in the water. Tried it one more time this afternoon and was still just spinning.I finally got around to changing out the pickup coil on the distributor (the non-Hall effect) piece..and the car started up...AND STILL IS RUNNING LIKE CRAP! I ran the codes and am not getting the E53 code anymore, only E52, which I assumed was because I had unhooked the battery. Should I change the hall-effect piece? The only thing that is different, is the coil...I changed it with one I had on the shelf last week to see if that fixed the problem but it didn't. I am wondering if this spare coil of mine was possibly bad causing the no start condition and when I had the distributor out and jostled around, the coil started working...? I've reached my wits end. Please don't make me feel insecure in my manhood by taking it to another mechanic for diagnostics.
  13. Have not noticed a spark knock at normal acceleration. Module and pickup came in today, but won't have a chance to change tonight..Will report back tomorrow. Update- I decided to go out and run codes on the DIC one more time and see if I got anything. Never had any success until now, and it flashed "E53"..from which I understand is distributor related. I think we may be on the right track. I let it idle while doing some other things in the garage, and it died..and took 4 tries to crank back..car has always fired off on the first try. Think I may be getting close. I wish it wouldn't have started back, then it would be an easy fix. Thanks again for all the tips guys..This place is Grrrreat.
  14. I'll check the regulator tomorrow. It was in the 40's..it was within whatever the manual said...I've never been able to remember figures.
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