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  1. Their is a TSB to correct this situation. The new pumps include the modification. Mine was just replaced on my 2001 DTS in order to pass Pa. Inspection
  2. Thanks for the advice. I have no problem with Premium fuel. My Supercharged Riviera lives on a diet of Sunoco Fuel. In fact in the owners manual is a warning not to use regular unless it is a emergency situation. If we can locate a Platinum DTS. The wife can put regular in it and I will use Sunoco Ultra when I drive it. Since I am the one that most often gases up our cars that should not be a problem. Thanks
  3. Fortunately no navigation. Yes they say regular fuel from 2000 on up but I went to the Cadillac website and use the build your own feature. Just for the fun of it I clicked on, on line help and asked them question about fuel requirements and they told me regular is acceptable but Premium would be better. Honestly I really like the 2001 But am concerned about what will happen when Major Guard expires. Lower end is sealed up But if a head gasket were to go the car would be worth very little. As info we have a 2008 STS with the newer navagation and it is great! Also like the V-6 Appreciate your comments!
  4. We have a 2001 DTS that is about to go out of warranty (GM Major Guard) Back in 2001 the DTS was the performance full size Sedan. They had a Deville a DHS and the DTS. The lower end of the Northstar was sealed up using new procedures. So their are no leaks. Cooling systen serviced a couple of times. In essance it is a beauty We have enjoyed the 2001 DTS for it'a ride and performance as well as its good gas mileage. The car runs fine on regular gas. While gas is not a issue to me, my wife has this thing about burning Premium fuel. I spoke to some Cadillac people that said the 2011 Platinum DTS will run fine on regular fuel BUT would do better on Premium. Our 2001 DTS has 62k ON IT AND IS White Diamond. All extra equipment except the Night Vision. Was wondering thoughts on what it may be worth on a trade (Do not want the hassle of selling outright). Garage kept no dents or dings new Michelin tires Brake pads replaced. Thanks for comments.
  5. Do a search on Black Cadillac in Pennsylvanin. You can get a quote on line for GMPP Major Guard with No sales tax. Alan Black helped me extend my 1999 STS until 2008 when we traded it. We received a refund for unused portion of the warranty. He is a good guy to work with and has a nice web site where you can get a instant quote. Good Luck
  6. My Cadillac dealer just advised that the oil pan gasket is leaking on my 2001 DTS. They advised it can be replaced by just pulling the transmission. The car is still under the Major Guard Warranty. My question is are they doing it correctly? The car is under Warranty until the end of this year. They said the Half Case is still dry. Chances are that will start leaking once the warranty expires! I thought that both the engine and transmission had to be lowered to do it correctly? Do they use a gasket or is this a RTV glue procedure? Thanks for advise! Charlie
  7. You may have a internal leakage in the Master cylinder. I had 2 in a row that leaked internally.
  8. Blackstone sent me a e mail requesting my permission to respond. I gave them permission and they will be responding shortly. Once again thanks to all. Charlie
  9. In case they would like to reference my report. The report date is 06/29/10 Lab number E18185 Unit Id 2008 STS Client ID 38257 Code 20/286
  10. My manual says 1 year OR the OLM. Thus I changed it on the 1 year anniversary. Onstar keep track of the OLM and sends us a regular email message. Mobil 1 is recommended oil.
  11. Not worrying...Plenty of warranty..Just sharing experience Conclusion to me is OLM is NOT reliable for me.
  12. I will do another analysis and report back in the fall. I had a analysis on all my vehicles and this one was the most disturbing to me. When you see Aluminum Iron Copper Tin and Lead on the max of the unit averages it makes me wonder. We enjoy the car very much But would like to take care of it like any fine piece of machinery. Changing the oil twice a year is no bid deal. We have the extended Major Guard warranty on it BUT that is not the point! On my 1989 Riviera I have changed the oil every 3 months and the car has over 300K on it and the oil analysis was excellent. This board is great glad I could share some useful information. Charlie
  13. In closing let me add one more thing. This is not a Northstar BUT a 3.6 V-6 Direct injection motor. Perhaps the DI operating under very high pressure may have something to do with the bad oil report? I am going to change it in 6 months and do another analysis. If I can find this post I will report back so that others can benefit from my experience. Thanks to all! Charlie
  14. Once again Thanks to all for your input. The car is my wife's around town car. It is driven daily. On occasion I get to drive it and I run it hard. We have a DTS we use for the road. I spoke to a GM Tech today and he indicated that GM is starting to have some sluge problems with the 3.6 motor in addition to cam problems. He feels that twice a year would be best for us. So much for the OLM. As I said I will retest the oill again in November when I change it. By the way I have a 1989 Riviera that I have faithfully changed the oil and filter every 3 months. over 300K on motor Charlie
  15. The OLM was not reset by accident. I changed the oil on the one year anniversary. I have always been a fanatic on oil changes but have read so much about the GM OLM I decided to use it or the one year mark. I think I will change it twice a year and do a couple more Oil analysis on the car just to check it out. Charlie
  16. That is exactly what I do. It was one year so I changed it. The OLM indicated their was 85% left on the oil. I would think that in view of all the short trips the OLM would have advised to change earlier? Perhaps I may chnge it twice a year just for peace of mind! Thanks
  17. Thanks to all! The car is driven by my wife. I use the oil life monitor or ONCE a year for the Mobil 1 changes. This is what the manual recommends. As you can see she does not drive it a lot. We have 4 cars thus it does not get driven a lot, which could be part of the problem. If it is something simple like a PCV system not functioning properly I would like to get it repaired before it shortens the engine life. If it was "SEVERE DUTY" would the OLM not tell us to change the oil? Thanks Charlie
  18. Thanks to all. We really like this car, what concerns me is that such a nice low mileage car comes back with "Wear was generally above average" and that all the paramaters were on the high mark. May talk to a few cadillac tech's for their thoughts. I am thinking that the Direct Injection motor may have something to do with it. Will advise if I find anything conclusive. Charlie
  19. Under normal circumstances I would agree that Black may not be bad. But in this situation coupled with the oil Analysis I feel it has to be looked at. Already looked at PCV hoses and found all were OK Thanks
  20. Thanks for the tip! I am looking for ideas, it is a nice car and we would like to keep for a while.
  21. Just for the fun of it I had a Oil Analysis done on our 2008 STS V-6 with 11,500 mi on it. I was curious about the oil turning Black almost immediately after changing it with Mobil-1. Which has been used from the first day. The analysis was done by Blackstone Labs in Ft. Wayne In. The oil had 2891 Mi on it and was just about 1 year old. Car was purchased new and has been well serviced. I am dissapointed with the results. Here is what they reported. "Wear was generally above average,but nothing was in the problem range. Iron comes from steel parts like cylinders,while copper is from brass/bronze bushings and bearings.Universal averages for the 3.6L show normal wear after -5000 miles use of oil.Some fuel was present and this could explain some of the dark oil color you mentioned.Insolubles might also be considered high for oil run just 2891 miles. The TBN was strong at 3.8 so lots of aditive was left. 1.0 is low. At this point, we found no smoking gun for the dark oil. Check Back". I have not discussed this with the dealer and do not think it would be worthwhile. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks Charlie
  22. I had a rear main seal leaking on my 2001 DTS yes it is rare BUT covered by my Major Guard with a zero deductable... The price was around $2500.00
  23. Yes their is a delay on both our phones while they connect. I sent a message to Chris who advised he has the same car as mine (2001 DTS) and does not have a problem. The delay silences the radio for about 10 to 15 seconds. Chris asvised to try and push the white button if it does not connect. For the most part we like the system and would buy it again. The sustem works as described. My Razr was the first one paired to the system therefore when we both get in the car with our phones on my phone is pared to the car. Considering I had a old useless Onstar system I am pleased. As Info their is another system out on the market called Galaxy 1000. I do not know anything about it. I could not use it because my car is older and requires a adapter that Chris makes Charlie
  24. Well I installed the Bluestar unit last night on my 2001 DTS. Chris was able to suply a adapter that is required on my 2001. I found it necessary to remove the rear seat back rest entirely to get to the connector to unplug the Onstar unit. This was the most difficult part of the entire job. I located the Bluestar unit on the trunk side since I may decide to upgrade it on my computer as new software releases are issued. I paired our two old Motorola Razr phones with very little problem. I highly recommend this unit especially if you have a OLD Onstar unit that cannot be upgraded. Thanks for everyones help and comments! Charlie
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