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  1. The oil posts are always interesting to follow. Their is a forum called Bob the oil guy if you want to go nuts read some of that stuff. On our 08 STS Mobil 1 is what it calls for and that is what we use change once a year or by the OLM. All other cars get Dino and change according to GM recommendations. Good Luck
  2. I want to preserve the value of the car. I have read they can be lifted out once you find the small release button. Some Caddy's require a special release tool. 1999 I believe. One guy with a 2010 got his out and turned them around. He had to notch the posts. I made them a offer on the 2010 Platinum. We will see.
  3. Just test drove a 2010 Platinum DTS. Would have purchased it but was not happy with the Front Head rests where they push your head forward.. The only adjustment I could find was up and down. Was wondering if anyone else found this objectionable? Our 2008 STS goes up and down with the ability to tilt for and aft. The 2010 Platinum made driving anoying. Thanks
  4. That insurance is a brillient thought. Never thought of it when I first read the post but thinking back about 20 years ago I had a oil pan punctured from a rock that fell off a dump truck. Just like a broken winshield. Yes State Farm covered it 100% of course it was not a $3000 job on my old Riviera. This is something I would definately check out. Think they will send a adjuster out to look at it. If it was my car I would think about paying the extra costs to the dealer to seal the Half case using the newest procedure at my expense if their is any question about the seal.
  5. I am not familar with the workings of Road Force Balance but only repeating what the tech told me. Think he said 7lbs.
  6. I have a slight vibration at 64 MPH on my 2001 DTS I have 4 Michelin tires. The best the tech could get was 7lbs on each tire. Just wondering what is ideal. I read somewhere that some want 4lbs on Caddy's. Does this mean my tires have to be replaced or can they be fixed? THANKS
  7. Yea 472 CID I believe. I remember driving it to the Jersey Shore 160 miles using 10 gallons of gas=16MPG HiTest (Like they use to say) gas was with lead The price of gas was around fifty cents a gallon I believe. Thanks again for the memories
  8. My 89 Riviera I just pop one for about $50.00 ever 70K or so and appeared to run better and increase mileage. On my 01 DTS think I will leave well enough alone. Thanks for the eucation on a more modern car.
  9. My 69 had a 8 track dealer installed option hanging from the center of the dash. The 74 had it built into the radio. COOL STUFF. How did we live without XM Radio and Onstar??
  10. Out of all the Cadilacs I owned my 69 was my favorate. Palmeto Green with cloth interior. Sold it for a 74 Coupe de Ville Choclate Brown. Thanks for the memories!!!
  11. I am not a expert BUT.... are you sure their are 4 ? Thanks
  12. I have a 2001 DTS that was purchased new and has been a great car. Has always been well cared for. Cooling system along with plugs were recently replaced in addition to ALL filters.This is not first time for filters or cooling service. (Tabs added to cooling system) While no codes were set recently was thinking about replacing both O2 Sensors as part of regular service in hopes of improving mileage. The car just plssed 71,000. Plans are to keep car indefinately OR until head gaskets fail. Thanks for thoughts!
  13. Thanks for the clarification!!!!!
  14. Think I just hear on the news that the XTS we have been wating for is being made in China? Can someone confirm. Thanks
  15. While Winter vacationing in Florida we purchased a great 1984 Eldorado. We will leave that car in our garage until next October when we return to Florida for the winter. In addition to normal storage procedures that I take on some of my older classic cars,I would like some advise on disconnecting the battery on this 1984 Eldorado since this is the newest old car in my collection. My preference is to disconnect the battery entirely BUT I am concerned about the computer having to re learn my driving habits when I return next year. I do not even know what computers where in the 1984 Eldorado. Does it have a ECM and a BCM? Thanks
  16. Philadelphia Pa car show about 3 weeks ago. Dealer offered us free tickets. If you like the size of the new Buick you will like the XTS. If you like your full size DTS take extra good care of it.
  17. I have the same Technican work on my car every time. I always talk to him once the service writer has prepared the work order. The Tech has my cell phone number and can contact me directly when necessary. I agree Clear Communications is the key.
  18. I really appreciate the comments. How about all the littel COOKIES that Caddy's have like the memory wheel and seats ? Are they available on the SRX ? Thanks
  19. Right after the first year we are going to look at a new fully loaded SRX. Wife has this thing about buying Premium fuel therefore what is the top of the line we can get without Premium fuel? We will be trading a 2008 STS V-6 RWD that is pretty much fully loaded therefore we want a SRX that is comprable. Does the SRX have the memory steering wheel and seats for Driver 1 and 2 ? I did read it has heating steering wheel! which is a big plus. I have watched a couple of Motorweek video's and they seem to indicate that the real world mileage is not close to the EPA rating. This is of major concern Any recommendations or comments are appreciated. Thanks and Happy New Year
  20. My 2001 DTS has TPMS. I think it was standard on the DTS in 2001. Think All the sending units were replaced over the years. The biggest problem with the older units is the sensativity in cold weather. Have to raise PSI up to about 35 to prevent Low message. We do not have that problem with our 2008 STS. Also if memory serves me correctly I think the 2001 DTS had a TSB that required some type or reprograming of the computer.
  21. Try www.newgmparts.com 1-877-498-7278. I think they are in Plymouth Ma USA The website says they ship international. Good Luck Let us know how you make out
  22. My 2001 DTS front struts developed a internal clunk at 66K. Their was a TSP for that problem. Fortunately I am still under GMPP with a Zero Deductable until the end of this year. Walked out with no costs to me. Included new struts and alignment. Not sure but think it was about $3000. total.
  23. Google James E Black Cadillac in Edensburg Pa and you can get GMPP price instantly on line without giving any information. NO SALES TAX. I have purchased at least 6 warranty's from this orgnization. Any problems ask for Alan Black
  24. I read that in very cold climates the use of the heater which is 100% electric shortens the range quite a bit. Our goverment has gone crazy and the EPA is nuts. Write your representative and get involved. Lets not turn this post into politics. That will just ruin the exchange if information!
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