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  1. I was pleased to see their interest. The XM customer care needs a lot of improvement. At one time we had a Cadillac and Onstar handled most XM issues.Today with this car you have to call XM and speak to someone out of the country (Phillipines or Bermuda). When we first took delivery of this car last summer I sat in the car and was told by XM customer car that the car did not have the Nav-Traffic options. I told XM rep I was looking at it. She insisted that the car did not have it. All I wanted to do was extend the subscription 2 years when the trial expired. I was so ticked I prepared a letter to the CEO of GM and Mel Karmazin CEO of XM Sirus and FEDEX it out. the situation was quickly resolved. GM indicated they were glad to receive it. My suggestion to Mel Karmazin is that they have a special customer care group for high end car buyers like Cadillac, Lexus and Lincoln. Back to the situation at hand. I visited my dealer today to see how the work on our DTS was coming. I spoke directly to the Tech. He had time yesterday to check the TSB's and could find nothing. The Cadillac Technical services hotline he can call once the car is physically in their shop. He indicated that sometimes the techinal services may have a type of computer download that can correct the situation. Being here in the northeast I will have to wait for the weather to clear before I can swap cars. In any event I will advise the results. Just want to take this situation slowly before car is disturbed. While I am not a techie I still think that hurricane Sandy had something to do with the XM transmissions even though XM Tech said no. Will advise.
  2. Please keep us posted on this issue. Your concern is certainly understandable. I hope your SRX is repaired quickly. Please send a PM if needed. Thank you. Matt, GM Customer Assistance Thanks for your concern. The dealer is doing some major work on one of my other cars.Once it is completed the game plan was to swap cars and let them look at the SRX.
  3. Just came from the dealer they are checking for a TSB and something called a PI, before I drop it off Thanks just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar problem
  4. It seems like every few days we are getting a message on the screen of our 2012 SRX with weather that the radio is downloading updates. I have called XM customer care and 3 times they have sent a signal to the radio that corrected the issue. I asked them if this could be a issue as a result of the recent hurricane and they said NO it was most likely a problem with the radio in the car. I just wanted to see if anyone else has had or is currently having this problem? The 2012 SRX is only a few months old and I do not want to start taking things apart unless I am reasonably sure it is a equipment problem. Thanks
  5. Thanks rockfagd That is the kind of information I was looking for. I printed out this post and gave it to the technican. He could not find the TSB and it is not acting up after 2 nights. The price of the part discounted is about $200.00. I would be willing to pay out of pocket BUT if I can get the TSB number the extended warranty would pick it up. I tried Alldata with no results. Was wondering if you may be able to supply the TSB number? THANKS
  6. Fortunately I have a tech that is good with electrical items AND I have a warranty that will cover the problem if he can isolate it. Thanks
  7. Thanks for another tip. The most it would be at the airport would be for 1 week. According to the Cadillac tech that should not be a problem. I really want to get to the bottom of this and not go back to the days I was a teenager with a set of jumper cables with me when I had my old flathead Ford. The drain test last night came out fine. They are going to try it for another night and if negative as they suspect they will call GM tech line. Thanks again
  8. Thanks for the maintainer tip. I was thinking about a airport parking area. Think I would feel better with a back up jump start in the trunk first before calling AAA Really hope they can find the problem. I will advise once I get it back
  9. Do they charge less money when it is done this way?
  10. Thanks so much for comments... to answer a few. They did the 30 minuite drain test and came up negative so they want to try it overnight. So next time I will jump start under the hood much easier than removing seat (hope their is not a next time) The dealer called and said they were suppose to disconect the old Onstar Analog so they are doing that while it is in the shop but made it clear that it had nothing to do with the dead battery issue. I have decided to invest in the $129 jump start just for my own peace of mind if they find nothing wrong. Many thanks for your comments. Wanted to add this 2001 is like new with 66k on it purchased brand new back in 2001. Want to keep it as our Full size car while the wife is enjoying the 2012 SRX
  11. I have a 2001 DTS. A few days ago Had a dead battery after letting it sit for about a week. So I took my handy dandy Coleman Jump Start out of my other car and connected to the area under the hood where these cars are to be jumped. Well all I got was a clicking noise. I remember a mechanic telling me the best place was to jump was at the battery. So I lifted the back seat and hooked it up with no better results. Since it was in my storage garage I hooked up a 10 AMP battery charger and after about 5 hours it started right up. I drove it to my dealer who recently installed a new AC Delco battery. They checked the alternator and battery and all checked out 100%. They are keeping overnight to check for a drain on the battery. Hopefully they will find the problem as this car will no longer be a airport car to use. My questions for the experts on this forum are 1. Where is the best place to Jump Start (Under hood ot at the battery) The battery seems to be farther from the starter. 2. What is the very best Jumpstart to carry in the trunk where I can be assured of enough punch to start my Northstar. I saw one on Amazon for $129.00 with a 5 star rating. (1700Peak Amps) Hopefully they will find a drain on the battery But I would feel more comfortable if some of the experts could chime in on my 2 questions. Thanks
  12. Way back in the 60's I use to know Mel Karmazin (XM current CEO) He was a brillient guy back then. Just wish they could improve their so called "Customer Care group. Both the Phillipines and Jamaica Customer Care people are really bad! I did take the time to write a detailed letter to GM CEO and sent FEDEX. Suggesting they have a special 800 number for Cadillac customers. When I get some time will start a new post on my experience. Do not like to Hi jack this Oil Filter post.
  13. The wife loves it! We started all over with another Cadillac dealer down at the Jersey shore who located a car we wanted at a dealer in Waterbury CT. that was what the wife wanted. They gave us top dollar for her 2008 STS RWD 17K miles. The most difficult part of purchasing the SRX was dealing with XM Radio Customer Care (other than the spare tire issue). Perhaps in the future I will start a new post on that topic.
  14. In the OLD days (60's) we use to change the oil at 500 miles and the oil and filter at 1000 miles. What I am doing with our new 2012 SRX is to change the oil and filter at 1000 miles. We were given free service by Cadillac for 4 years but I will do it my way and pay for it. My favorite is AC Delco filters and Mobil 1 which is exactly what I will be using.
  15. Someone mentioned low oil pressure at idle due to oil filter restrictions. This is of Major Concern to me!
  16. While I use and like AC Delco. Any thoughts on Pureone by Purolator?
  17. We recently purchased a 2012 SRX. The wife wanted to try a Deflector package that attaches to the front hood via tape. I ordered it from my local Buick dealer Part number 19260733. I did NOTput it on so the adhesive tape has NOTbeen removed. It is black. She did not like it and the dealer would not offer a refund since it was special order. It is in the original plastic packaging including instructions and cleaning swabs to wipe the hood area brfore installing. The list price is $79.00 with a discount I paid $71.18 including Pa sales tax. Use the part number and check the GM acessory site or look on EBay to be sure I did nicely re- package since the original box was over 6 Ft. long. It now is in a box about 24 incles long and can be reasonably shipped via FEDEX ground. I would like to get $40.00 for it that will include FREE FEDEX GROUND shipping to the LOWER 48 states ONLY with a residential delivery included. Since I DO NOT have a Pay Pal account I have to request a Bank money order FIRST. Upon receipt of funds I will take to FEDEX and immediately supply a FEDEX tracking number. Only serious people reply! Please use my private email cfb11@prodigy.net Charles F Boyle Morrisville Pa. 19067
  18. Dealer called today. All rebates and incentatives are valid and approved including the private invation. We take delivery next week. Whoever gets her 2008 SLS with 19K on it is getting a GREAT car. Just hope the SRX is a car just as good. Many thanks to all! If you purchase new Cadillac's be sure and call the phone number I posted to see what private offers you may be entiled to before you take delivery!
  19. Thanks. This stuff will drive you nuts. This was a wedding anniversary gift for my wife! Should have been easy. Holding my breath until everything is finalized.
  20. We got a call from Cadillac Marketing group in Detroit and they advised as a loyal Cadillac customer (9 Cadillacs in the last say 15 years) They will send me a email coupon worth $4000 on a SRX at the dealer of my choice. Do not know how the word got back but now we have something to think about. Will keep you all advised. I have a GM card with $1500 discount as well. Money Talks!! They told me before I purchase a new Cadillac to ALWAYS call them first to see what I am elegable for. They have a record of almost all new cadillac's I purchased Except my 69 74 and 76. The phone number for those nterested is 1-800-333-4223. I thought the young lady I was speaking to was in Detroit but as we were chatting she said she was in Texas. All is well that ends well! Hope that sharing my/our experience may help someone else
  21. MY wife killed the sale and now is not happy with Cadillac, granted this may be the wave of the future but some women do not like it. What is it they say "Hell has no fury as a woman scorned" I do not know what the answer is but hope Cadillac marketing know what they are doing! Glad we noticed it before we got it home!
  22. So Monday we look at a Lexus that has a spare. Glad we found out before we took delivery. Her car.... Her choice. Something she found out on line about a SRX owner with a flat and no spare and out of cell phone and Onstar did not work. Another about a SRX towed to Caddy dealer where it sat until they could get a replacement wheel and tire. I will keep my old DTS. Hope these manufactures know what they may be scaring the heck out of women.
  23. We were to take delivery of a 2012 SRX today. The wife flipped out that Cadillac would be so bold and stupid. We canceled the delivery. End of story. Her car!
  24. My research shows that their is a small button on the posts that you push in to release it. About the size of a very small allen wrench at the base once it is fully extended near the plastic trim. I was told that the older cars like the 99 STS required a special tool to slide down along side the posts. I would try and preserve a nice DTS since they may be in demand in the near future. We have found 2 very nice Platinum DTS's in the area that we are negociating with. The problem is that my 01 DTS(WITH 71k ON IT PURCHASED NEW) is so nice I hate to get rid of it.
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