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  1. My bumper to bumper expires 10/06/2015. I extended a GMPP with a $100 deductible until 2021 or 106K miles. Picked it us today before the major snow storm. Paid ZERO. Just the tip I gave to the Tech who worked on the car. Thanks for the input. Hope for the best
  2. Back to the oil leak. I was over at the dealer every day last week to watch the progress. I do not like to see a car with only 30K on it taken apart like that. I had the top technician working on it. I gave him a tip to treat it like his own car and I believe he did a first class job. Now I was wrong when I thought that Cadillac improved the oil leak situation on the newer models, I can only hope the head gasket has been corrected on the 2011. Thanks to all for comments
  3. The Lincoln's are a heck of a buy for the $50K range. You can get a nice Hybrid for under $40K. Of course the depreciation is like a rock. I just extended the warranty on my Platinum DTS until 2021. (Talk about not buying green bananas!) Hope Cadillac gets it's act together with a reasonable priced full size car.
  4. Thanks Jim for a tip. Just placed it up on ramps and checked the oil pressure sensor and it is dry. On the way to the dealer to drop it off I stopped by the Lincoln dealer to look at the MKS AWD Eco Boost. List is only about $56K for a fully loaded vehicle. About $10K less than a Platinum XTS. They gave me a very good price on my 2011 Platinum DTS with 31K on it. I do not like either one and do not consider them full size luxury cars. ( I continued on to the dealer to have it sealed up. Hoping for the best.
  5. Yes I read it may be over $100K which is a bit much for me. I have owned to many Cadillac's to list since my first Coupe De Ville in 1969. may be time to move on once the Major Guard expires on this 2011 DTS Platinum. End of an era for me.
  6. My 2001 was sealed and lasted 10 years until I traded the car. I purchased this car because I thought some of these issues were corrected. I read that Cadillac is going to redesign the flagship full size car in about 5 years to a bigger car with RWD. 5 years is a bit long to wait for a car that may have a market now some of us do not even buy green bananas.
  7. Last October I located a 2011 Platinum DTS certified pre owned with 29K on it. I looked long and hard to find a platinum DTS since I do not care for the Platinum XTS. Well I thought the oil leak and head gaskets problems were corrected on the newer Northstar's .Well today I found out the Half case problem was not corrected since I have oil on the garage floor. Only a few drops but that is not acceptable to me. So now it will go in the shop next week for about 3 days while they tear into the half case. I can only hope the head gasket issues were resolved along with the TSCC in the transmission. The car is still under the bumper to bumper warranty so it will be repaired free of charge. I am disappointed BUT still like the car! I kicked around the XTS and the Lincoln along with a Lexus BUT I STILL prefer the DTS so I will just extend the warranty and hope for the best until Cadillac redesigns the full size flagship car .
  8. It is interesting reading on the Black Cadillac website. The original GMPP can use the name until April 2016 After 2016 Ally will have no rights to access the GM computer system database. It may slow down the payments to the dealers. The new GMEPP is simpler Platinum or Silver $0 or $100 deductible. I looked long and hard to find a used Platinum DTS since I do not like the Platinum XTS. In fact I drove 6 hours to pick it up in Bethesda MD. I plan on purchasing the Platinum GMEPP for my 2011 DTS Platinum with 29K on it and hope for the best. The car is great and I plan on holding onto it until GM comes out with something full size that I like. In closing I wrote a letter to Cadillac expressing my dislike for the full size car they now offer and they responded they are constantly reviewing customers concerns
  9. I read that the GMPP major guard has been sold to Ally Bank? The replacement is GMEPP that is owned by GM Financial. James E Black in Ebensburg Pa who sells lots of extended warranty is the only place I can find a comparison of the 2 side by side. Most local dealers are still pushing the GMPP. Just looking for comments. Thanks
  10. What is the last year to use the GM sealant tabs in the Northstar? I use to use them in my 1999 and 2001. Recently purchased a 2011 DTS and do not see a tag under the hood recommending to install tabs when servicing the cooling system. Thanks
  11. The HD option is on our 2012 SRX Premium. Unfortunately the 2011 DTS Platinum is only 1 disk at a time. Thanks
  12. The owners manual is generic thus covers all options. The car does not have a record button. Quite sure it can only play one at a time
  13. Well. After more research it appears that our Platinum DTS only has a single cd disk player since it has navigation. Hard to believe but think I am correct.
  14. We just purchased a nice 2011 Platinum DTS with 28K on it. We are trying to load 6 CD's in the Bose system. We have found in the manual where it says to hold the load button for 5 seconds and it will beep and we can begin to load the CD's. We can find the unload button on the upper right but unable to find the load button. Can anyone offer assistance. According to the literature it should have a 6 disk player since it is a Platinum. Thanks
  15. If you have a friend that works at a GM dealer ask them to run a dealer inquiry as to all the warranty work that was done on the car. This is better than Car fax
  16. Thanks, car is drivable. Sold it to a friend. Unfortunately we are moving during snow bird season in Florida but I got some good leads.
  17. Can someone recommend a good quality transportation carrier between South Eastern Pa to Port Saint Lucie Florida? Door to Door I do not need the cheapest and do not need a enclosed van. A open trailer would be fine. I have had bad experiences with brokers and am trying to book direct. I would like to hear some recommendations. Thanks
  18. Hanging on to my 2001 DTS (low Miles) because I like a full size car. Got wife a 2012 SRX AWD Premium last summer that is a fantastic vehicle, after we got the spare tire issue resolved. Soon it will be my turn but I want a large trunk and large back seat. The XTS is not right for me. Looked at Lincoln MKS and that would not be for me for a number of reasons. The Lincoln sales rep told me the trunks were going to be larger in 2014 without me even commenting. I have a eye out for a late model Platinum DTS with low miles and coverage under the bumper to bumper warranty. something I can grab a GMPP extended warranty
  19. All the problems (Fortunately) with our 2012 SRX Premium AWD have been computer updates. The memory seats now the Average fuel economy reset not going back to zero. Perhaps this stuff is to high tech? Now another trip back to the dealer. So they give us a car and charge GM for about 1 hour labor. This is getting to be a pain! No more updates I hope!
  20. They should have reprogramed your OLM to change your oil more frerquently We returned our 2008 STS just to have the OLM reprogramed uinder a recall
  21. I piurchased a GMPP on 2001 right before it went out of the Bumper to Bumper warranty so I got 4 plus 7 years for a total of 11 years coverage with a zero deductable. lots of stuff covered including Half Case front struts water pump ect. I got my money's worth on the GMPP. Right before it went out of the GMPP the dealer offered me a Fidelity Platinum warranty with a Zero deductable at a reasonable price for another 4 years. Since I like the full size 2001 DTS and I really like the car I purchased it and so far the covered 4 Tire pressure monitors and a Rear intergration module. No charge no hassle.
  22. As info my dealer was completely against replacing the RIM. he had the car for 3 days because I insisted they run the parasite draw for a extended period of time. The Tech also used the disconnecting of the modules. Well I agreed to pay and twisted some arms since they did not want my money. Someone on this board posted the RIM and the TSB so I took a shot and corrected the problem.
  23. My 2001 DTS battery kept draining for no apparent reason several months ago. The dealer checked everything possiable and the Delco battery was only 5 months ago.Someone on this board said their was a TSB but I was unable to find it. I took a shot and had them replace something called a Rear Intergration Module with a costs to me of about $400 including labor. It was a real shot in the dark something that I do not like to do. I have let the car sit in my storage garage for 4 weeks on several ocasions and have not had a dead battery since the RIM was replaceed. I am not suggesting you replace it but wanted to share my experience. Good Luck
  24. Well got a call from the Technican, all seems to be normal. Perhaps I should have posted this in the SRX area. This vehicle has a bit more than just XM Radio it has the Weather Navigation system as well. On a regular basis it has to load the weather that includes the 5 day extended weather forecast as well as road closings and detours. A bit more complicated than just the XM radio. With our recent storm their are a number of detours in this area because of trees down and I guess somehow the state DOT's transmit this information to XM and it is sent out to the vehicles with this feature. This is the wife's vehicle so she has to learn all this stuff. I just like to stay with my older vehicles. Thanks for your concern Matt. I was glad to see that Cadillac Customer assistance was willing to jump in. I was also glad that the Technican took the time to do the proper research before he started taking things apart! Charlie
  25. I am scheduled to bring in the SRX this week. I am narrowing it down to the weather traffic feature that is updating every time we take the car out of the garage in the morning. It takes 20 minutes to update the weather. Since we live between 2 small airports sometimes we get the weather from Philadelphia Pa and sometimes from Mercer county Trenton airport. The Tech is anxious to check it out but the more research I do the more I think it may be normal. I did talk to a XM Technical person ??? They told me their were no repeaters out in our area. By the way the XM radio always works during the weather-Nav -Traffic downloads That is it for now Will advise
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