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  1. If you have Asthma or other breathing problems it really helps.
  2. My dealer charges $40.00 Labor and I supply the AC Delco filter. Change it every 2 years. Well worth the $40.00 Frank
  3. On the Old GM cars their use to be a sticker on the Air Cleaner that said "Keep your GM car all GM" That is what I do. Frank
  4. We have a 1999 SLS. Softer suspension and less horsepower 275hp vs 300hp in the STS. It is Fully equipped. Power Lumbar support Rainsensing Wipers Compass in mirror. Heated seats Power Tilt wheel Garage door opener Sunroof Bose 4.0 High performance 425 watt Stero with 6 pack cd player Chrome wheels Sable Black with Neutral shale Leather just turned 48k Love the car purchased new.. Got above off the original price sticker List $49018.00 Sorry not for sale! Frank
  5. I do not know much about them BUT great looking car! What motor is in the CTS? How reliable? what are weak areas? If it does not have a Northstar I would be interested. Tired of oil leaks. Worrying about Head Bolt problems ect. Frank
  6. Got a letter from Verizon Wireless today advising they will no longer support Analog as of February 18th 2008 Really thought Verizon might have hanged in a bit longer since they have partnered with Onstar. Some quick research indicates 4 million customers will be lost. Amen Frank
  7. I wonder how many subscribers Onstar will loose ? Frank
  8. I will not rush to remove anything. Someone is bound to come up with a retrofit that will keep the car original. Their area lot of cars out their. Talking mega $$$$ Frank
  9. According to dealer no upgrade available at any price. For Generation 1 Think that in the future someone will come up with a retrofit. I like the security of airbag notification in case of accident as well as stolen vehicle notification. Frank
  10. I think the first onstar units up to 2003 where the transition began to digital. I was told to hold on to my service with Verizon as none of the cell carriers will provide new service to Analog systems. Frank
  11. Received a letter from Onstar today advising that the service may be over January 1st 2008 If Cell phone carriers elect to discontinue providing Analog service. I have Verizon in our 1999 and would like to continue the service. Talked to everyone about changing to Digital but apparently they have no packages to upgrade the 1st Generation at any costs. Granted their is aftermarket stuff I can put in the car but I would like to keep it OEM. Perhaps in time someone will come out with a package to upgrade the older systems on the market. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks Frank
  12. Last summer I went to Atco drag strip down in South New Jersey for a afternoon of fun. Their happened to be a young man who I am sure was racing his parents 2001 DTS. While I do not remember the times. He did quite well for a heavy car. He surely suprised a few Mustang and Camaro drivers. Made my day! Frank
  13. I think the axle ratio in the DTS is something like 3.70. not sure about the Deville. Which may give it extra kick from a standing start Frank
  14. I cleaned off the motor real good. Got some GM oil dye at the parts Dept. Placed it in the crankcase and ran it for about 200 miles. Took it back to the dealer and they checked it with a Black light. Turned out to be Timing case cover gasket and front valve cover gasket. Frank
  15. By the way As information Got car back.. Apparently no way to "sneak" the Alternator out. They had to go the entire 9 yards to replace it. 3.5 hours Frank
  16. A mechanic at the Caddy Dealer told me that he can sometimes "sneak" the Alternator out from the access area behind the Right Front Wheel. According to the Shop Manual This is a "Water cooled" Alternator and to replace it is quite involved which includes removing the Air Conditioner Condenser ect. The flat rate is about 3.5 hours doing it according to the book. It appears the 1999 Seville is a very" Unique Alternator". Any thoughts appreciated. Happy New Year Frank
  17. Smooth as glass. Also go out torque wrench 100lbs Really appreciate advice !! Thanks again Frank
  18. Just a update. Followed advise of the experts. 1 Cleaned up Rotors with Non Directional Finish cut on my old original rotors $24.00 2 Purchased OEM pads #18048652 $67.90 They were bonded and included new sensors and retainer clips. Slicone Lube pack included as well. 3. Purchased can of silicone lube at Pep Boys $15.00 Thanks to one and all! Frank
  19. Think I will pass on those searches. One more question Do you know if the OEM pads #18048652 will be Rivited or Bonded? Frank
  20. Thanks. Made a few calls and found a machine shop that can perform "non directional finish cut" on the Rotors. The correct part number for OEM pads appears to be #18048652. For my 1999 STS. The posts on this makes your head spin! Appreciate comments Frank
  21. First let me say Thank you to all who set me straight on the Cooling system question. Now for a Slight problem on my 1999 STS front brakes. 49000 miles Was told by Cadillac mechanic best not to turn rotors? I purchased a set of Wagner Front rotors and Raybestos Cermaic front pads. We do not drive the card hard. Now After about 8000 miles starting to notice a slight vibration when you make a fairly hard stop from 50 mph. Since I kept the original rotors. I was thinking about having them cleaned up...since they were not tore up.. I was also going to buy a set of OEM pads (Not AC Delco Durastop) I tried doing a search but would once again really appreciate some comments from the experts. Please keep in mind we do not drive the card hard BUT we do not like the vibration. Anyone have the correct part number for Front Pads I should order? Thanks to all! Frank
  22. Let me add that I was reading the cooling system section of my 1996 Buick Regal shop manual and it says to add 2 Tabs to the cooling system when serviced. As I said I like to service the cooling system of the Northstar about every 2 or 3 years and would include 3 Tabs in the lower hose BUT I am concerned about clogging something. Thanks Frank
  23. I am not the brightest bulb in this pack and do not type very well therefore I do not post very often. But I enjoy reading this board. Would like to see some comments on the below listed bulletin. Models: 2007 and Prior GM passenger cars and trucks (including Saturn) Perhaps someone can comment on Bulletin 00-06-006C Dated May1, 2006 Subject: DEX-Cool ® Engine Coolant Information. Supercede: This Bulletin is being revised to update information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 00-06-02-006B (Section 06-Engine/Propulson SYSTEM) Various section are listed Sealing tabs, Water Quality, Back Service, Contamination ect. Question falls under Sealing Tabs. "Cooling system tabslets (Seal Tabs) should NOT be used as a regular maintenance item after servicing a cooling system. Discoloration of coolant can occur if seal tabs are repeatly used over the service life of the vehicle. Where approprate, seal tabs may be used if diagnostics fail to repair a small leak in the cooling system. When a condition appears in which seal tabs may be recommended, a specific bulletin will be released describing their proper usage." I would like to change Coolant every 2 or 3 years NOT 5 years. Any comments appreciated. Thanks Frank
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