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  1. Right, it was dark green. I think the last straw was the leveling system that made Davedog give up. !992-2000 Eldos are beauties, indeed.
  2. Davedog had a beautiful black 92 Eldo.
  3. Those sensors are known to "get stuck". I hit the reservoir from time to time and it helps. No kidding.
  4. Looking good! Congrats, Davedog!
  5. I do not think heater core plays significant role in cooling the engine. Leaky core could depressurize the system and ,make it boil over, which did not happen. Very strange.
  6. Do some zig-zags (S) and see if the noise is louder when you turn say right. If the noise is direction-dependent, it is most likely your wheel bearing. If it is louder when you turn right, it is your left bearing and vice versa.
  7. I found this on impalass forum. It is a different transmission but still a GM one, so I thought this information might be helpful. "Secondly, put a line pressure gauge ($55 shipped on Ebay, or visit a local trans shop) on the pressure test port and go for a drive to verify proper line pressure. Base pressure at idle in P,N,OD should be around 70psi and around 140psi in R. Max line pressure should be at least 190psi at WOT in 1st or 2nd, 225psi is optimum. If base pressure is low, trans or pump is worn out. If max pressure is low, check EPC solenoid. If reverse is slow to engage, and line pressure does not come up to at least 130psi in reverse, replace the boost valve with a Sonnax boost valve (easy fix in pan)." Here is the whole thread.
  8. Do not forget to install new o-rings in motor oil cooling line fittings. The old ones are flat and dry by now and will let the connection leak. You may need a big (35 mm??) socket to remove those big nuts attached to the side tanks. I guess, the driver side plastic side tank cracked. That's why you are replacing the radiator.
  9. I think he can at least check ATF level, smell, color.
  10. He does not care of CTS...he found an innovative way to convert us! lol
  11. KHE, passages are relatively easy to check by pressing the EGR valve diaphragm with fingers while engine is cold and in park. If nothing changes, teh passages are plugged. If RPM drops because of huge vacuum leak to the point engine is about to stall, the passages are free. Intake gaskets leak on LT1 engines as well. Mine were replaced before I bought the car.
  12. So, after 17,000 miles and three years the cause of that annoying shutter/hiccup I experienced from time to time usually around 43-44 MPH going up a hill and trying to keep momentum by depressing gas pedal has been determined and eliminated! I was told that a faulty EGR valve could be among many other possibilities causing the shutter. Shortly after buying the car three years ago, I checked the original EGR valve right on the engine and the diaphragm appeared to be shot. Let me stress that there was no EGR related code despite obviously shot valve. I have replaced that defective part with used but what seemed to be good EGR valve with matching GM part number. Nothing changed. Just like many of us, I have replaced spark plugs, wires (argh!), checked TPS and many other sensors. Nothing changed, teh shutter was still there. About a year ago EGR code 32 started showing up intermittently. For some reason, I was sure it was rather electrical problem since the valve was clean as whistle, plunger moved smoothly and the diaphragm was intact. I WAS WRONG!!! Finally, saw new ACDelco EGR valve on Amazon for $47 shipped. Bought one. The part is made in China and assembled in Canada. Installed it in ten minutes and took car for about one hour drive to see. Wow... N O S H U T T E R !!!! I have created conditions when a shutter would definitely happen some 15 -20 times. Nothing, no shutter! So, 1994-1996 Fleetwood folks with shutter hesitation problem, please take that stupid part seriously. It is a finely balanced pretty sensitive part. It may look okay, but it does not mean it works properly. See, it took many years before 32 code was set. Even a valve with shot diaphragm did not set any code. So, if you have shutter, replace that part with known good one. It is a 10 minute work on these engines. A side not not a rant. What's the use of onboard diagnostics if an EGR -related trouble code never showed up while the diaphragm of the valve was shot for years? It is particularly frustrating if one takes into account that these LT1 engines are extremely sensitive to even minor ignition problems, vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks, etc. I might be wrong but I think GM engineers should have done a better job tuning these engines.
  13. You are all set. The comfort will cost a lot though. That generator will justify the investment in a couple of storms.
  14. Welcome to the board. Take into account that folks here are Cadillac enthusiasts so their opinion maybe more on positive side. I had a 91 Seville for nine years. The same powertrain Deville has. It was a NJ car with 76,000 miles on odometer when I bought it in 2000. Did I enjoy it? ABSOLUTELY! I put another 100,000 miles on it. Nevertheless, the history of that car was a history of repairs. If I show the log of repairs and maintenance, you will get an idea. Unlike you, I was not afraid of doing everything myself, which saved me probably $10,000 in nine years. Let the mileage not confuse you. The age and the current condition are more important. I would NOT recommend you buying 21 years old Cadillacr no matter how inexpensive it is if you cannot turn wrenches. KHE even ACDelco pumps for 4.9 are made in China nowadays. Yup, as soon you replace the original pump on 4.9 you keep replacing them every year. By the way, every time I need to do something on my LT1 I think about the same job on 4.9 , and I am glad it is LT1. I am not talking about sparkplug wires, of course.
  15. Sounds like a cool stuff. Do you have a stove, fireplace to warm up the living room a bit or you gonna use electric heaters if needed?
  16. Oh boy... another storm... Looks like we need to make this thread a sticky!
  17. Do you have an iPad? You can buy a cassette-adapter for a few bucks which will let you connect your iPad. I did not even think to replace original cassette player. Kind of cool ancient stuff! I usually listen to preset radio stations when driving locally and hook up my iPad for long out of state drives. Works pretty good. I have a Microsoft Surface, but not an iPad That’s exactly what I was going to use it for to. I listen to my favorite station within 70 miles of our town here, but then when I head out a little further I would like to listen to either CD or something else. The CD changer should work fine for me though. Twelve CDs is about 240 songs. That’s plenty for me I did find this though: http://www.crutchfie...D02.html?tp=121 For those $50 you can buy an iPod and record all of your 240 songs and a lot more without any work on the car.
  18. Do you have an iPad? You can buy a cassette-adapter for a few bucks which will let you connect your iPad. I did not even think to replace original cassette player. Kind of cool ancient stuff! I usually listen to preset radio stations when driving locally and hook up my iPad for long out of state drives. Works pretty good.
  19. If the wheels got very hot for a long time, the brake rubber hardware ( bushings, seals, etc.) is pretty much done.
  20. Ten aquariums. Wow! I used to have about 150 aquarium fish. A lot of fun, work and responsibility.
  21. Mike, Glad to hear that you and yours are OK... THanks Jim, no power, but the generator is running terrific, we have wireless, cable, refrigerators. The cleanup continues, 90 percent of Long Island is without power, Manhattan is a big mess. Mayor Bloomberg told Obama NOT to come to New York that we have too much work to do, go to New Jersey instead. A couple of subway stations were full with water (south ferry and several others). My neighborhood has tons of trees down, crushed cars, powerlines down all over. I was lucky, no trees down Haha! It just shows how much NY likes NJ!
  22. Here in Webster, MA we have gusty winds. Light rain. A power pole went down down the street but the wires survived. I have my spare car battery connected to a 12v bulb. Will have enough light to read a book for a few days. No matter where i park my car, there is still probability it may be hit with a falling tree... arghhh Generators are noisy! Just ask your neighbors. Mike, Jim stay safe in Long Island and NJ. You will be getting the most of fun.
  23. It makes sense to connect the generator to your house electrical network and check it out before the storm. Not a good idea to play with hot wires in a wet and dark basement.
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