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  1. 1636686113542799 expires on September 29, 2013
  2. A lot of bad things happen after a tune-up.... That's why I call it screw-up. EGR-related hesitation has different pattern. Something in ignition system got messed up.
  3. I would make sure the wires do not touch the exhaust manifold. I would also put some dielectric grease into the boots of spark wires. Can't say much about the resistance readings. I do not have my 1991 Seville FSM anymore. A weak EGR valve could cause hesitation, but yours looks ignition-related. Replacing EGR valve on a 4.9 engine is such a pain. Actually, what is not on 4.9?
  4. A bad ISC motor would not cause hesitation under acceleration. Ignition system is the main suspect. Even bad wires could do that.
  5. What did I tell you? Enjoy your ride. Do not let anybody touch your car. With the help of this forum you can do it yourself.
  6. By reversing the min air screw, I meant that instead of it having to be adjusted from underneath the throttle body, I can adjust it from the top. It installed and turns just fine. As for adjusting the ISC, I did it according to instructions found in an earlier post directing me to "cadillac owners" forum. Once I removed the throttle body and located the Min air screw,(with isc still attached) I noticed the screw wasn't even touching the stop on the throttle and the plunger on the isc was fully retracted but still pushing on the throttle and holding it open Ugh! Everything that I have had to work on and or fix was "worked over and poorly fixed" by the previous owner! Learning curve... you 'll be fine as soon as you adjust ISC motor and understand how it works.
  7. Do you have any manuals? Factory service manual? Chilton? I think you do not follow ISC motor adjustment procedure correctly. Now, when you touched the minimum air screw, things could get even worse.
  8. My PS pump sounds like an angry snake if I turn the wheel all the way in the parking lot. It is normal.
  9. See, you have had multiple issues, not just one. Check out ISC motor adjustment procedure. 4.9 engine had it , Northstar has it most likely too. You'll be fine as soon as you adjust it. http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-forum/t-79245.html When ISC motor is not adjusted properly, the plunger does not move far enough at start up to increase RPM enough, so that cold engine would not stall. That is your problem. I mean your Northstar's one. Cleaning EGR pintle may be not enough. The diaphragm can be destroyed, the spring may be weak, etc. DO THIS. Have someone start engine. Push the throttle lever by hand to increase RPM. You will see the engine will NOT stall that way. As it warms up, you can leave the throttle alone.
  10. That is ISC motor. I think it should be adjusted after installation. I replaced it three times on my 4.9 engine. Once, I even had to shorten the plunger so it would work. Did you touch the minimum air screw on the throttle body? Your throttle body blades can be so dirty that they do not allow enough air in and make the engine stall. Get access to throttle body. Clean it with carb cleaner and tooth brush. Pay attention to back sides of the blades and the bores. After cleaning you should disconnect the battery for three minutes. I am sure after cleaning throttle body, EGR valve, adjusting per manual ISC motor, your car will run just fine.
  11. Can you take a picture of the part that makes that clicking sound?
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  13. The front jacked up, turn the wheel almost stop to stop (stops are hard on the system) 40 times. No kidding, the manual recommended 40 times.
  14. Ouch! I do not recall any wires attached to the ignition switch of 91 Seville that would flex. Guess, it is different on RWD GM cars of that era and I will have a no start issue down the road...
  15. KHE, I am wondering why you just did not repair the broken wires and replaced the ignition switch instead? Did the new switch come with new wires? The only broken wires I saw were inside the ignition lock cylinder.
  16. Sorry about that. Are you going to replace the retractors then? Nope, I do not own that car anymore.
  17. Thanks for the update. Did not even think it could be all about seat belts being too dirty. Mine were not...
  18. A piece of advice from a former 91 Seville owner. Check out your radiator side tanks. They are plastic and known to crack. I bet there is a vertical 2-3 inches long crack across the ribs at the upper part of driver side tank on the side facing the grill. Check the passenger side too. Use a flushlight. The cracks open up as the temperature goes up. The radiator hoses are supposed to be hard and hot after thermostat opens.
  19. That is very strange that the right side clunks only separately. Have you tried to apply brakes slightly before hitting a bump? If it has something to do with loose brake pads, there will be no clunk.
  20. Rockfangd, Many years ago someone scratched my new to me 91 Seville with screwdriver or something all over, not just 12 inches. I bought a red nail polish and just covered the scratches and got it out of my system. Never paid attention to it, furthermore it did not look bad at all. Do not spend $$$ and more importantly do not sweat the small stuff! On a side note, garages are BAD! Do not ask how I know that...
  21. I had this problem with my 91 Seville. It was indeed annoying. I usually would stretch it all the way and then let it retract from the stretched position. Kind of slingshot approach. It always worked and even helped to almost eliminate the problem itself.
  22. Welcome to caddyinfo.com! Have you replaced the cracked radiator side tank? Usually inlet side tank cracks. Check that out as well. The crack will get only bigger and Bar's Leaks will not help. Heater core sealer? What if that stuff clogged your cooling system and restricted flow?
  23. Funny, I cannot remember the name of a woman I dated a month ago, but remember your leveling system... adallak
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