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  1. I have a 2001 cadillac deville dhs. Just bought it. New battery and new tires and oil change done prior to pick up. If someone sits in my back seat, the display gets wonky. Everything is lit up, but it doesn't show the info for the displays. The gas guage falls to empty, The radio stops working, and the windows won't go up or down. After all of this happened, sometime sat in the back seat again and it all went back to normal. Then I put my knee on the seat behind the drivers seat and it did it again. The first time the top was off of the fuse box, but I put it back on, so I am not sure what could be wrong with it that it is intermittently working/ not working. I understand fuses, but nothing about pins and ports to check connections (I work in accounting, so no major car knowledge here).
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