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  1. So....after tightening the belt, checking wires (with no luck) I took it back to Auto Zone to have them check my alternator with their scan device; turns out my battery was too low (a battery I had just replaced a few weeks earlier). Therefore (correct me if I'm wrong here) my alternator MUST be bad. Looking at rockauto.com for a replacement. Any suggestions on what to get?
  2. New User. Help! I'm having an issue with my '69 Sedan de Ville (472 cu in) generator light slowly illuminates anytime I increase the RPMs. I replaced the battery last month (free; under warranty) at AutoZone and had them check my generator/alternator. They said it checked out but I'm still having this issue. Do I need to buy a new alternator (if so, suggestions on what to buy) or do I need to look at wiring/fuses? I hate to throw money at it but would like to have places to start troubleshooting. Thanks
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