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    Caddyman2004 reacted to rockfangd in 2004 Deville with the famous P0741 code   
    Clear the light and see how long it takes to come back. 
    See if it shudders around 41 mph. If it shudders and the light triggers then it is very likely the torque convertor that failed.
    Typically that code alone means torque convertor.
    If it shudders but does not trigger the light it may be in early stages. These were hard to tell when something is not right. They seem to ride nice no matter what lol.
    If it does not shudder at all around 41 mph and lockup is smooth then I would just monitor it to see if it comes back. 
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    Caddyman2004 reacted to rockfangd in 2004 Deville with the famous P0741 code   
    If it is the torque convertor  I have seen mysterious higher than normal fluid levels. I had 2 90s ones that had this code, both would have higher than normal fluid level. (I know because nobody touches them but me).
    I would pull the level back down to normal and within 6 months it would be overfull again. No contamination. I put over 20k miles on my 96 with the code. It started coming on about once every 2 weeks, to eventually it never went away. Would not pass NYSI because of it. I would have to drive it in a way to not trigger the light. 
    This may sound really weird but I have had enough of these over time and feel them very well... I avoid driving around 40mph. I know this may sound weird but the TCC locks up at 41mph. If you drive it around that speed alot the TCC will be working alot. So hard to explain but I have 2 right now and one has 170k, the other has 130k. Both original trannys. I always avoid that speed that TCC lockup starts. 
    Newer vehicles have a variable lockup for the TCC. I assume yours is still a on/off style like mine.
    How often does the problem occur?
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    Caddyman2004 reacted to cdgrinci in 2004 Deville with the famous P0741 code   
    If the TCC, torque converter clutch, does not engage your transmission will run hotter and eventually could cause other problems (you are also losing efficiency).  The code is for torque converter circuit; so maybe a wiring issue or a bad clutch solenoid.
    Here's just one link (there are others):  P0741 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Performance or Stuck Off DTC (obd-codes.com)
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    Caddyman2004 reacted to Logan in 2004 Deville Mirrors keep moving around   
    The passenger side mirror will tilt down when the car is put in reverse.......then return to the original position when put back in drive.  Driver assist kind of thing. 
    On my 2001 Deville (same car).......the passenger mirror would return......but never to the correct original position. Gets old quick. 
    There is a way to turn 'off' this feature. That is what I did. You might need a GM Tech 2 to turn on/off the feature....can't exactly remember. 
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    Caddyman2004 reacted to Bruce Nunnally in 2004 Deville Mirrors keep moving around   
    I believe the mirror positions are 'remembered' as part of the seat position settings.  Perhaps try correctly positioning the side mirrors, then re-saving (re-setting) the seat memory?
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