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  1. How can it be a torque convertor if it drives like new? this code is crazy crazy. OK let me clear it and drive it around
  2. Check engine light is on full time Autozone says it's a torque convertor code but it drives like new
  3. I now got this code P0741 the car still drives like new and shifts fine can't feel any slipping car has 74k What I like to know what will happen if I keep driving with this code? will the trans blow up or overheat? start slipping? it's the only code I have is there a way to just turn it off pull the bulb or something?
  4. Don't know what's going on but when I start the car the mirrors moving all over the place and stop at a different place every time some times pointing up and sometimes down one will be life one will be right I have to reset them every time I start the car. I disconnected the battery that did not help any This car has Electronic Mirrors as an option on the window sticker. Going nuts here Eddie
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