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  1. I bought a 94 Deville for my daughter 3 days ago. 1 owner, car in great shape for it's age and got it at a bargain. The car had been driven very little in the past year - owner in bad health. Owner had put a new battery in the car 6 months ago and it was dead. I jumped the car and it cranked fine. Checked all fluid levels - fine. Drove the car around town. I would smell a faint "hot smell" at times but the car never overheated. I thought it might be from sitting so long. Going down the road yesterday and the car quits as I'm turning into McDonalds. Won't crank back. Starter makes 1 loud click and that's all. Checked battery and it is good. Any suggestions as to where to start? Someone has already told me that it's acting like the motor is seized up - but I have no idea.
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