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  1. I know theres really nothing out there for what I want so I thought I'd ask what engine is the same or close as far as spacing of the exhaust? LS or BBC? Something I can get and chop up easy. I'm thinking forward mount turbos and propane through the stock intake or a custom one. Or even off a new rwd northstar setup. One of my manifolds might sorta be useable but not the other and it would look stupid. Unless theres different years I can mix and match but I think headers are the key.
  2. Well, I thought you were right so I went out and checked and there's just the 4. The middle two are dowels. I found a few more brackets and bolts to undo but other than two ex. manifold bolts I've run out of things to take off. Is there some cover under it? I took off the one that goes under the crossover pipe and can't see anything else there either unless its way under where I can't see. Top of the bellhousing should have shown signs of movement by now though. I'll send some crappy pics so you can see the back but I'm baffled. Also the converter bolts are all out. Back to watching videos maybe cause even going down the list of things to remove that GM gives everyone, I don't see anything. You know this will be one bolt somewhere stupid like right in front of me.
  3. I have a 97' northstar with a 4t80 attached to it I got for $100. Low mile unit I was prepared to do unlawful things with in the dark until I couldn't get the two apart! I've taken out all 4 bell housing bolts and any of the other bracket/brace bolts that I can see. I even picked it up by the front with the tractor and nothing. Like they were tight still. What the hell am I missing? Is there a diagram with all the hidden bolts that I'm obviously not seeing? I can get pics if needed. It's a low mile unit thats already been apart so I'm hoping the head studs have already been done but the plan was propane carb and twin turbos. And a ignition driven off the back where the water pump is driven. Sound dumb till you figure in I have the parts already and it'll still run upside down just like efi and I can cook hot dogs anywhere when I'm done.
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