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  1. Hey y'all Haven't been able to find anything out about this online so maybe someone here has experience or insight. 2 things happening in my '03 DeVille: 1) When using the vent, I can hear a loud hum/strained noise coming from the dashboard which increases in volume as the fan does. Always correlates. Fan is off, no sound. Fan up high, hum gets louder & higher pitched. So it sounds like the vent could possibly be blocked by something, although air flow seems fine. 2) A/C is not working. Feels exactly the same as just having the vent on so need to be ready for the summer. I'm hoping the sound could be what's causing the AC to not work and it's not something serious. Not really the best with auto repairs but if it's simple I'm hoping I can do it myself. Anyone have some insight? Thanks in advance
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