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  1. Thats kinda what the Cadillac dealership said disconnecting the two yesterday but because I just bought this and not from their dealership they said be best to take it to dealership you bought it they im sure wont charge me, yeah im sure they will. I sure do appreciate your responses and time helping me crack this issue. Im definitely nervous what their do or find tomorrow. Since I had the vehicle and when check engine light has been on thankfully running ok, notice nothing different at all driving.
  2. Why on earth would this need to be installed.....? If or dealership removes this after market contrapment would that cause issues, if knows to my vehicle? I wonder if the dealership installed this, if so why? Oh my gosh now im even more worried, ugh! I still dont understand why the 16 hole port which is what is required for any OBD 2 scanner to hook up too, neither worked at a Cadillac dealership or Oreily's? I know im asking a handful of questions here, im just confused an concerned what they may tell me tomorrow. Or how much this will cost!
  3. Here is another link to another view https://photos.app.goo.gl/emPqDJuUsxpdAeyt5
  4. Hello Bruce and thank your responding. I tried add files but photos are too large it keeps telling me, so created a link but when I copied into option on here nothing happens. Here's a link to one of the pictures not sure it will work sending it this way, https://photos.app.goo.gl/mDxpf84UbUwr4mgQ8
  5. Bought a 2017 Cadillac Escalade Luxury not even 2 weeks ago, now the check engine light has been coming and off for less than a week. Took it to Oreily's auto parts to test any codes but the kid said the scanner wouldnt work or hook up correctly. So took it across the street to a Cadillac dealership (NOT WHERE I BOUGHT IT) thinking they may be more familiar. As I stood there they too could not get the code reader to hook up to my port, they said my port seems to be a bit smaller than "normal " ports but as I told them its a 16 port like normal ones but they said the scanner plug will not fit securely onto my car onboard port. There seems to be some kind of "extended" wires running behind my on board port the kid lol at Oreily's thought some after market thing but he had no clue. Have an appointment at dealership I purchased vehicle tomorrow morning, not happy and not sure if covered under warranty. Any thoughts what could be the reason why no scanner will hook up? And what is deal with this "extended" wires? Been googling and googling my issue but cant find anything of my issue. Not sure how to post pictures on here otherwise I would take pictures of the wires and ports.
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