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  1. Yes, but it makes sense. It's warm and humid in SE TX right now. So as the engine bay warmed up, hotter and an excess amount of air was being pulled into the engine after (downstream from) the MAF, so the air/fuel mixture was different than what the ECM measured.
  2. Good news, found the problem. So simple, can't believe it. The air intake hose that connects to the air filter box was partially off and, obviously, the clamp wasn't screwed tight. I had recently checked the air filter and remember being distracted with several other things, then when back to finish the job, obviously I didn't notice this hose & clamp were loose before closing the hood. Properly secured it and tightened the clamp, have driven the car several times since and all symptoms are gone.
  3. Agree in principle, I just don't have the equipment to test for these and am trying to minimize the shop / repair expense. Since the engine starts right back up after stalling, that would possibly suggest the fuel filter (in the tank), but not the fuel pump. Whatever buildup was clogging the filter would settle due to lack of fuel pump pressure, but in theory, the car should stall shortly after that again. Air filter is like new and very clean. It seems spark / ignition could be ruled out because parts like this should remain in their failed state for a while after the engine dies.
  4. 2013 ATS 2.5L with 6-speed auto trans, 54k miles, no DTCs. After the engine reaches operating temp and after a few stops, the engine will intermittently die. The car will start right back up after it dies. Also, at a cold start, there is a brief rattling type noise (like a loose metal shield) and the engine sometimes idles a little rough before smoothing out. Recent repairs: Throttle position relearn (twice), both VVT actuators (due to DTC), new #3 coil pack (misfire confirmed), new crank position sensor (no DTC, just throwing parts at the symptoms). Also, at 45k miles and about a ye
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