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    96 Deville
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    Northstar 4.6L V8 (LD8/L37)

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  1. I have a 96 Cadillac Deville that is overheating and blowing white smoke out of the tail pipe as well as spitting water out of the tail pipe. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Has new water pump, new thermostat, no leak, etc.
  2. Bodybyfisher,Not sure if this is the way to contact you or not. I am hoping so. I came across some of posts on caddyinfo.com and feel the you are the most knowledgeable person I have found for the 96 Cadillac Deville and I’m hoping that you wouldn’t mind giving me some advice on a problem that we are having on this car. I will go into detail if and when you contact me back and say it’s alright. I am so very impressed with the knowledge that you have on these cars and your ability to write so clearly so that even I understand what you mean. ( by that I mean I’m a girl) please let me know either way. You could even text me if you want or email is fine too. [number moved to direct mail]Thank you for your time. Sincerely,Christina
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