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  1. I should probably add that the hesitation comes in whenever I am accelerating from a dead stop and persist all the way up through highway speeds and then my service light will come on sometimes and usually stays on until I shut the vehicle off
  2. Thank you very much I really appreciate that it actually worked everything is back to normal as far as the idle and everything but my 94 sls 4.6 has a hesitation that I've been trying to figure out for quite some time even before the idle issue do you have any leads as far as things I could do to figure it out. I have done Plug and wire replacement I don't know how old the coil packs are but if there's anything else you can think of that I can do. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator I'm about to replace the map sensor. Thanks again for your assistance
  3. I was testing the bombs in the power going from the idle position sensor to the computer but now whenever I plug you everything back in my idle is revving about a thousand end when I rev the gas it will not hold a steady RPMs instead it goes up and down from Mega thousand back up to 1500 back down to like 1500 up to 2,000 it will not hold steady
  4. Hey man thank you I appreciate that I just didn't know if I need to do some kind of an idle relearn or something like that once I get everything reinstalled back together
  5. Just want to make sure that I'm cleaning my 94 Seville SLS 4.6 liter Northstar correctly. Throttle body that is sorry bout that. Good amount of hesitation at lower speeds make me feel like I need to step on it harder. Higher speeds also just not nearly as bad
  6. This happened me before on my 94 seville just finally realize that my clamps at the throttle body loose. Not tightened all the way. Seriously so just check all your clamps on your intake system from the air box back to the throttle body itself. Hopefully that takes care of it
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