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  1. Ok, I have a '64 Sedan deVille that I have restored, and I know the complete history on the car, as my grandfather purchased it new! It went to my father when my grand dad passed away, & my father gave it to me when I graduated from college in 1991 (I think because I had $4,000 tied up in rebuilding the engine, & he didn't want to have to pay for it...). Anyway, I went to take it to work this morning, & after letting her warm up as usual, I backed out of the garage, on to the street, everything seemed normal so far, and shifted into reverse fine, & back into drive (this is the normal TH400, not the Slim Jim tranny), although '64 was the first year for the TH400.. When I shifted into drive, I only go about 25' before I have to stop for an intersection, so I hadn't gone faster than about 5 MPH yet. When I pulled away from the stop sign I immediately noticed something was not right. The engine just shuddered when I went to accelerate, it just would not go over 10 MPH. I put the trans in neutral, & revved the engine. No problem there. Then car rolled fine, no brakes dragging. The tranny shifted in & out of Fwd, Park, & Rev no problem, the car just would not go. I checked transmission fluid, pink, & up to full, as was engine oil. Nothing seemed amiss! It drove fine to church last Sunday. The engine, transmission, & differential, & all U-joints were rebuilt in 1991 when I did close to a frame off restoration. It's not a museum piece,but find me another original family car that's going on 55 years in the same family, & it's my son's car next, when he graduated in 3 years... I have put maybe 3500 miles on the car since 1991. But am I looking at a torque converter? That's the only thing I can think the that could cause this symptom. Thanks. Mike Roberts
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