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  1. I encountered an interesting phenomenon. I've had a hard P0741 fault for 3 or 4 years. When I cleared my DTC's the P0741 code would return immediately after 2 consecutive trips. I also had shifting problems. Additionally, I had intermittent hard shifts and the "chuggling" symptom at idle. I also had a vacuum leak from the intake to PCV valve hose line. Long term fuel trims were a consistent +19 to +20. I replaced the PCV hose line. When I started it, the engine stalled with a P0101 DTC. After some investigation, I found a damaged MAP sensor. The sensor stem had broken resulting in the MAP sensor over-reporting engine load and un-metered air entering the throttle body. I replaced the MAP sensor and this corrected the idle problem and the P0101 code. I checked the LTFT and they were back to normal levels. When I did the test drive, the P0741 did not set. I have driven about 100 miles since then, making 6 or seven trips over four or five days and the P0741 has not returned. I do regularly drive over 41 MPH and I've verified the RPMs drop when I'm in 4th and reach 41. Gas mileage is now around 19 MPG in town while it was in the low 16's before the repair. The transmission shifts normally now.
  2. This is a strange one. I just changed the PCV pipe from the intake to the PCV valve. Put everything back together and when I start it, the engine idles fine for about 10 seconds, then stalls with a P0101. Everything is hooked up correctly. If the MAF was bad, I wouldn't think it would idle normally.