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  1. I have a 1999 Deville with 31k miles on it. The car is in pretty much new condition. Not a single issue with it... Except that I'm now having an intermittent starting issue. Yesterday I was forced to replace a fuse for the radio. I inadvertently pulled the "Batt1" fuse in the engine bay area while trying to find the blown fuse for the radio. Long story short I found the right location in the trunk and replaced the blow fuse and all is well with the radio. NOW when you insert the key into the ignition it has a solid traction control light. The PRND321 lights are flashing, I have a slow steady chime and a message saying service traction control system and service security system message that says car might not restart. Here is the kicker... If I take the Batt1 fuse out and put it back in, the car will start perfect! After driving the car for a little bit then parking and getting back it, the car says the same message and won't let me start. If I pull the fuse and put it back in, boom! The car starts fine. What on earth could be causing this?? Thanks in advance.