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  1. Sorry about that I did not mean to attack anyone I just didn't think I was getting my point accros that I recomend the factory set-up.
  2. I have a 99 eldo and I love the floor shifters in the 2002 Seville and I was wondering if I could do a swap somehow.
  3. The dyno testing was done on a rolling road type machine and was done with about an hour inbetween tests, the temp dropped about a degree outside and the big door to the shop was open so the small change could of affected the dyno. I do have a very nice snap-on scanner/codereader to see all data from the engine sensors and I can tell you that at WOT the vehicle without any modifications to the PCM did run slightly leaner than factory but still in the safe range. And still what part of "I RECOMEND THE FACTORY SET-UP" don't any of you understand, I've already put the factory airbox back in the Deville (havent done it yet in the Eldorado but probably will). Finally to answer any other questions no I don't remember what the exact temps were but do remember the 1 degree drop after the hour of switching set-ups, the Eldorado is a modded L37 and the Deville is a modded LD8, and is it not perceivable to you that someone can get a small horsepower increase in a different testing inviroment than you.
  4. I was just wondering what the fastest times you all have gotten in your northstar equiped cars were. I've never been in my Eldorado but I've went in a c4 corvette with a modded LT1
  5. Did you not read a word I said, I'm agreeing that the stock set-up is the best and the one I made has a box inclosure around the cone filter that only gets air from the factory hole where the pcm is. But yes on the dyno I seen on the Eldorodo at least a very minor 3HP gain with nothing on the Deville. I think a good experiment for me would be to use the stock air box but use the bigger 4 inch piping off of my custom set-up to see if the bigger piping is the cause of the extra 3HP because on the deville I used stock piping and saw no increase. I think the stock piping is somewhere inbetween 3.5 and 4 inch. Also sorry for editing so much I have a bad habit of proof reading after posting.
  6. I built a cold air set-up that still draws from the hole where the pcm rests (it is a sealed box inclosure around the new cone filter) and have about 90 dollars invested. it took 3 days of testing and fitting to get it to work properly and the box to seal to my high standards and in the end I got 3hp on the dino with little to no torque, so it really wasn't worth it (it was a pain in the blank to get everything to pit proporly) but it does make what people would call a "cool" sound. to sum it up just run the factory set up with a good high quality filter. my new set-up does use bigger 4 inch intake tubing with a spectre cone filter thats about 10 inches long, the tubing I used is welded alumium (I'm sure I butchered the spelling on that) (the tubing is insolated to help with heat), I used welded because the mandral belt tube I got which I'm not including in price because I didn't use it (it was EXPENSIVE) it didn't want to fit because it was to long on the bend. But with my custom magnaflow exaust (which makes it sound better than most mustangs and camaros), custom built engine cover, and front slotted rotors (which were a dealer add on from GM performance which I think is pretty cool) and the few other little goodies on my 99 Eldorado I can impress a few people and get some enjoyment out of it which is all that I care about. and one last thing I did for this set-up (execpt I did it on my 98 Deville) was cut the factory tube and use that instead of the 4 inch aftermarket one because there is more room to get it put on the MAF sensor housing but in the Deville I found there is slightly less engine room so I had to make a different box inclosure and only use a 8 inch long cone filter, for the Deville I there was not hardely a hp boost so it was really not worth it, I just did it because I had a spare tube laying around with my bunch of extra parts. So again I just recomend running the factory set-up with a high quality paper filter (I prefer wix or if you want the oiled spectre ones are a good value if you really don't want a paper one) because on the Deville there really was no performance increase and on the Eldorado there was one but it wasn't worth the time and money I put into it because I can't stress enough how much of a pain it was to get everything to fit and work properly.
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