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  1. Son the 90 Caddy we found the problem. There is a check valve in the sending unit assembly that keep the vent line from sucking in fuel from the return line. It went bad when we changed the pump. Right now I have the line blocked off as is is hot at heck here and I don't want to stress my guy in the heat. Next month I'll order the part and have him put it in.
  2. So we've been looking at things on the car, never did do a fuel pressure test because we found that there is a leak. The vapor tube from the gas tank that runs to the emissions canister up at the front of the car is pulling fuel up to the canister. So we pulled the tank again to see If there was a kink somewhere but nothing. We changed out the fuel filter because weirder things have happened to me when it comes to my vehicles. But it is still doing the same thing. Any ideas on this! Karen
  3. So I've only had this car since Feb. A friend gave it to me after my old car gave up the ghost. It only had 56000 miles on it and it's in almost perfect condition. So with that amount of miles it hasn't been driven much and now that it's my daily driver it's not liking this the guy working on it is a mechanic at Honda but he's a younger kid, in his 30s so he's not too up on the older stuff. I have talked to my 2 brothers, my old mechanic from Las Vegas and the guy I got the car from. They didn't have any ideas. They're all older guys. We did replace the fuel pump. It died on the way home. He made sure it was the pump by spraying starter fluid in it and it started. So I also replaced the strainer and the filter. After replacing it it started this spitting and sputtering and Jonah wasnt sure what it was. He dropped the tank again to check the connections and all was good. Still did it. So i took it to a shop. They said it was an injector stuck open. They said the fuel pressure was fine. Well, at $1500 to fix i brought it home,, ordered the injectors and Jonah put those in. It was just injectors, no connectors.It ran fine for about 25 miles then it started again. He just looked at the relay. It was a bit dusty so he cleaned it off. He didn't take a meter to it I want to mention again that I smell gas when it does start spitting and sputtering. I live in San Diego so half the time I have the windows down. I don't smell the gas when they are down. I don't know if this helps at all. One thing i should tell you is that i have the weirdest things happen to my vehicles. So if you have something out of left field let me hear it. FYI I had a pick up that when the fuel pump p went out in it it would idle but do this spit and sputter under load and on my motorcycle when the rear brake light switch failed it failed in the closed position even tho they usually fail open. In researching this issue i did see where the fuel lines were a recall and they were replaced with metal ones. Again thanks for all the help.
  4. So he doesn't have a fuel pressure gage but he is going to get one. But he checked the fuses and the relay and it's looks good. He pulled the vacuum line off the regulator and did the paper bag thing and no fuel spitting . He looked the pumps over before he put the new one in and they were the same fittings. Anything else you can think of?
  5. I'll have him check it out tonight when he gets home. Thanks for all this info!
  6. Unfortunately with the covid thing I'm tight on money. If I have to replace it I will do that.
  7. I bought an Autobest pump from Rockauto.com. Will it make a difference if it's not under load at the 2k rpm? The guy who installed pulled the tank a second time to make sure al the connections were good. He's going to get a fuel pressure gauge with a long hose so he can check it while I'm driving. It wouldn't surprise me if the pump was bad. The strangest thing happen to my vehichles. As for codes it's not throwing any.. But it gets me to and from work with a minimum of fuss until I can get this figured out. Thanks for the help.
  8. It is the 4.5. The pressure regulator was checked and I was told it's working fine. The only problem there is that when it idles it idles fine. When I step on the throttle it will act up. I'll have to see if it will miss when im in park and rev it. Thanks for the reply!
  9. The fuel pump went out and I had it replaced along with the screen and fuel filter. Then when the car got warm it spits, sputters, hesitates and sometimes dies. If it dies it does start again right away, sometimes it's a hard start. If the windows are up i smelled fuel when this happens. I replaced the injectors 2 days ago and thought i had the problem licked but it started the same thing again today. I did not have this issue before replacing the pump. I did not have the windows up today (gorgeous day in So Cal) so I don't know if there was a gas smell like last time. The mechanic working on the car is stumped. Any idea what to do next?
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