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  1. Thx . CAC102EA-AA32-451D-9454-FC74922DE8A8.3gp I rarely needed the 4WD in my Avalanche . It was pristine convenience to press a button when I did need it . That truck was the best truck I ever had in the snow . I'm taking off the front drive shaft(s) on the Escalade and if the computer allows me it will stay off until winter. I will continue this topic in a new thread
  2. I hear ya. The spare tire and the drop down assembly have been removed. There is a lot of room under there to safely attach the worn out factory magneride shocks to the frame rails. Could someone please inform me where I can buy the resistor plug-in to satisfy the computer to avoid speed restrictions at 75-80mph. A Skyjacker rep assured me that the Skyjacker H7017 soft ride was a proven aftermarket shock absorber for the 2010 Escalade EXT AWD. I added the Firestone spring assist air bladder inside the factory rear springs and have it at 25 psi . The Skyjacker Hydro shocks control the rear spring energy perfectly . It is a Cadillac comfort and control ride on bumpy high speed freeway entrances, washboard dirt roads, low speed neighbourhood speed humps, parking lot speed bumps etc. I plan on getting the magneride shocks rebuilt and a new air compressor installed when I find a mechanic who doesn't look at me like I'm a ATM machine . just a note.... in 06 I bought a 06 Chev Avalanche, put over 300,000km (190,000 miles) on it before I bought the Escalade in 2014 so I'm no rookie in what to expect from these trucks . What is really ridiculous is the AWD in the Escalade . The Avalanche had the push button 2WD 4WD high 4WD low option . Escalades AWD all the time does nothing on warm dry pavement except wear itself out, pillage hp and burn crazy amounts of fuel . I plan on removing the front two drive shafts until winter (Dec 1 here in London Ontario Canada). I'll create a thread about what happens and all the other ridiculous sounding things I'm going to do with this truck. Until Cadillac designs another standout looking pick-up or SUV I'm keeping this one .
  3. I mounted the old magneride shocks along the frame rails so I was able to plug them back in and the truck runs normal again . Easy 100mph on the on-ramp onto the highway and cruise control at 80mph (129kph) . DIC has no warnings .
  4. P0523 - Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit High Voltage . 2010 Escalade EXT . I'm not sure why the mechanic took off the so many engine parts including the intake manifold on my buddy's truck to change this part . I took off a couple vent hoses to give my hand more room . I bought a oil pressure sensor socket . It took me under 20 minutes to change the oil pressure sensor and the drop in screen . Engine light is finally off I am a Bricklayer, not an Auto Mechanic/Technician. Is there a reason a Technician took off my buddy's intake manifold to change this sensor ? It cost him $500 more than the way I did it.
  5. Thank you so much , I really appreciate you taking the time to reply, and with great links .
  6. 2010 Escalade Ext Magneride . Rear shocks and compressor needed replace . Replaced Magneride rear with two Skyjacker H7017 Softride Hydro shocks and two Firestone spring assist airbags inside the rear springs . Since then the truck loses engine power at 75 mph. The engine is still running but at reduced rpm with no response to gas pedal . The only code that came up was for oil pressure sensor high voltage . 'Service suspension system' has been showing long before switch from magneride to hydro rear shocks . The wires that went to the factory stock magneride shocks are now attached to nothing . My question is what should I do with these wire? And, does anyone know if this could be the cause of the loss of power at 80mph ? Thank-you for any suggestions. Additional Notes: For the last 5 years I commute 5 days a week an hour each way on a major highway . I get to the fast lane , set cruise at 129kmh (80mph) , rarely have to tap the brake and resume, never been pulled over, the truck makes for a comfortable commute . I make this point because I can get the truck to 129kmh (80mph) but within about 5 seconds the engine power is reduced and does not respond to the gas pedal manually or the cruise control. On cruise control at 80mph the truck with slow down to 70mph then the transmission shifted down and the engine rpm's went from under 2000 to 3500 as the cruise control must have been putting demands on the truck trying to get back to its 80mph set cruise speed but it couldn't and the engine rpm jumped from 3500 then to 2300 and the transmission was clunking as it went from gear to gear trying to figure out what it was supposed to do .