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  1. Thx . CAC102EA-AA32-451D-9454-FC74922DE8A8.3gp I rarely needed the 4WD in my Avalanche . It was pristine convenience to press a button when I did need it . That truck was the best truck I ever had in the snow . I'm taking off the front drive shaft(s) on the Escalade and if the computer allows me it will stay off until winter. I will continue this topic in a new thread
  2. I hear ya. The spare tire and the drop down assembly have been removed. There is a lot of room under there to safely attach the worn out factory magneride shocks to the frame rails. Could someone please inform me where I can buy the resistor plug-in to satisfy the computer to avoid speed restrictions at 75-80mph. A Skyjacker rep assured me that the Skyjacker H7017 soft ride was a proven aftermarket shock absorber for the 2010 Escalade EXT AWD. I added the Firestone spring assist air bladder inside the factory rear springs and have it at 25 psi . The Skyjacker Hydro shocks control the
  3. I mounted the old magneride shocks along the frame rails so I was able to plug them back in and the truck runs normal again . Easy 100mph on the on-ramp onto the highway and cruise control at 80mph (129kph) . DIC has no warnings .
  4. P0523 - Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit High Voltage . 2010 Escalade EXT . I'm not sure why the mechanic took off the so many engine parts including the intake manifold on my buddy's truck to change this part . I took off a couple vent hoses to give my hand more room . I bought a oil pressure sensor socket . It took me under 20 minutes to change the oil pressure sensor and the drop in screen . Engine light is finally off I am a Bricklayer, not an Auto Mechanic/Technician. Is there a reason a Technician took off my buddy's intake manifold to change this sensor ? It cost
  5. Thank you so much , I really appreciate you taking the time to reply, and with great links .
  6. 2010 Escalade Ext Magneride . Rear shocks and compressor needed replace . Replaced Magneride rear with two Skyjacker H7017 Softride Hydro shocks and two Firestone spring assist airbags inside the rear springs . Since then the truck loses engine power at 75 mph. The engine is still running but at reduced rpm with no response to gas pedal . The only code that came up was for oil pressure sensor high voltage . 'Service suspension system' has been showing long before switch from magneride to hydro rear shocks . The wires that went to the factory stock magneride shocks are now att
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