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  1. Hello, Just a follow up here. I ended up having to pull the front cover off as the tensioners don't just push back in. What I did was count the number of links between the sprockets on bank 1 and the sprockets on bank 2. There are 12 links from mark to mark on the chains. Bank one had 12 links from R to R on the sprockets. Bank 2 had 13 links from L to L on the sprockets. Seeing that the code was for bank 2 sensor 2 , I took out the tensioner, turned the exhaust cam back one tooth to Get 12 links from mark to mark and reset and reinstalled the tensioner. Everything else looks good. Haven"t fi
  2. Hello. Newbie here. I just replaced the timing chains on this 2009 STS. I checked , Double checked and had a 3rd person check all 9 timing marks. The car runs very well but I am getting a p0019 for bank 2 sensor 2 (exhaust) alignment error. Sensor and wiring all check out ok pin to pin. I pulled the valve covers and found that the intake phaser on bank 2 was not locked in by the wrench on camshaft method. However, when I turned the cam, the phaser locked in and stayed locked in. This shouldn't affect the mark locations on the chain I don't think. Should I replace this phaser? Also, I know that
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