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  1. Does anyone have a mass connector scheme in Cadillac Seville SLS 1998. After an adventure with wipers, I want to find all mass points and clean them. Greetings Chris
  2. Well, I'm buying a filter, new dextron VI oil and I'm taking oil change in an automatic transmission
  3. now I am wearing normal shock absorbers without air connection. and the car has installations at the back together with the compressor. the same as someone put on pads without sensors and the message "check brake pads" pops up
  4. I see installations and I think the compressor behind the right rear wheel. A Shock absorbers I now have a standard
  5. no errors reported, check sensors from brakes and cruise control. the car was at the pseudomechanics, and I bring it to order. I have peace with you thanks to the cooling system. I have already replaced the front wheel bearing. was cruise control and I have to see the rear shock absorbers because it is terribly hard and I see that it has ordinary shock absorbers installed and I see installations with a sensor.
  6. I have a problem, it doesn't signal when the cruise control is on. I checked the fuse in the engine compartment, and it's OK. Where else to look for a reason?
  7. As a model of automatic transmission is Cadillac Seville SLS 1998? I write once with 4T60E, others 4T80E What oil for automatic transmission? Best regards from Europe
  8. Hello I have a question, whether the indication of which gear on the center console next to the joystick should be highlighted? At night you cannot see which gear is different from the one marked on the board. Chris
  9. thanks bodyfisher for the site, it comes out that I have good wheels founded. to @logan, for me it just shows, even as soon as the engine starts, the speedometer pointer already goes up by these 10km, and then it all the time distorts by 10. car used in europe it turned out that the digital speedometer shows the correct data, only the tip on the dial is distorted but it can be as Logan said. and I have issues of automatic transmission oil, I know it should be dextron III, can it be replaced by another dextron IV
  10. I have a question, how do I start the Cadillac tip from the speedometer raises at 10km / h. while driving, the speed is also distorted by 10km. does it set or is it the fault of the wheels? wheels 255 / 40-19
  11. thanks for the info on seating and mirrors. I turned on the engine at low speed to vent and for now everything is fine, the fans turn on in 1st gear and later in 2nd gear, everything without air conditioning, only the heating is on. However, I stated that I ordered a water pump, belt and thermostat for my Cadillac, I see a simple replacement, I see that it is extremely sensitive to air in the cooling system.
  12. and done. the alternator burned, a new one was installed. cooling involved, fluid changed and now time for rides and observations. I am still looking for instructions to the Cadillac on how to program the driver's seat and mirrors etc.
  13. as I read all posts, it is rarely said about checking the return line to the expansion tank. as bobby wrote, check the key screw 15 for cleanliness. if it gets clogged, the engine cannot vent and there will be symptoms of overheating. I had it myself, I bought a Cadillac tired by mechanics, but after careful reading of Bobby, it was actually clogged and I have had peace since then. sorry for english
  14. If I comprehend everything, I will share what was played with loading. For now I have covered the topic of engine overheating. he slowly resuscitates Cadillac because the mechanics have caused him a lot of pain.