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  1. Hi guys I'm doing a rebuild on a 1982 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. Love these cars and had an 85 before that was probably my favorite vehicle I ever owned. Anyways I have this 82, and the HT 4100 that was in it was shot I know that these motors were crap in the first place and did a little bit of looking and found rebuild Forum that discussed replacing an HT 4100 in an 82 with a 368 which happened to be the exact motor that I found. However, the 368 that I found is carbureted and it was brought to my attention that the 368 that went into the eldorado's for that year came fuel injected ( 1980. And now I foresee to big problems. 1, since the 368 that I have is the carbureted one and came presumably on a commercial caddy like a hearse or something will the flywheel bolt in to the transmission I have in the 82? Next, am I going to have to get a new manifold in order to convert over to fuel injection? Or is there a way for me to keep a carburetor if that ends up being cheaper, like a stand-alone wiring harness or something like that?