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  1. I love this vehicle, I test drove some CTS's because I loved the look but clearly the CTS-V is another vehicle all together. My question is on years. The price drops significantly with years. Right now I've been looking at 2012-2015. Are there any major upgrades or advantages with going newer? What year were some major changes made? I have the ability to go to the car auction, however if I buy from a dealership they can offer the 100,000 mile 6 year cadillac bumper-to-bumper warranty. The dealership is asking 5-6k more than the auction but there's the warranty and I'm able to spend more time with the car before I buy. Does the CTS-V have any known issues I have to look out for? Finally, if there's someone looking to sell their Black CTS-V I'm out of Orlando but willing to travel. Thank you in advance