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  1. I know it’s not a 5.3L but they had an TSB where you needed to replace the valve cover with an updated version. The baffles that are built into it for the PCV system wasn’t properly catching the oil. Get access to your throttle body, open the blade and look in your intake. If you notice large puddling of oil, it’s def your issue. Other wise I’d pull spark plugs, more specifically cylinder #3 and #4 . They were the most common ones to have bad rings so it should be obvious on the plug.
  2. Hey everyone, I bought a 2005 V about a month and a half ago and I'm noticing it is chugging oil. 125k miles total on the car. I can't seem to get a very consistent answer when looking up the problem on google. Basically wondering if anyone has any information based on this car specifically before I start digging into rings and seals. Also the PCV valve could need a cleaning..? Does my car even have one? I'm a rookie to this car, any help appreciated.