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  1. Yeah it did but I put some coolant in and it seemed good. No warnings. But I'm sure there's a leak somewhere, thats awfully fast to heat up. So I reset the traction control light, it's still on but not so much drag on acceleration. The thing just keeps overheating. I noticed that when I n.v tried mlm turning the heater on to help release some of the darn heat it doesn't even work. Which took me to the fans that aren't on either. I checked all this after reading one of your guys' comments to the very vague guy with minimal details. So I think that's where my day begins tomorrow; the fans
  2. After starting up and driving about 2 minutes my 1997 Cadillac deville went crazy with warnings: 260 F coolant, traction control light, overheating idle engine , and then I lost power.
  3. My Northstar engine overheats in a matter of 2 minutes on the road or idling in park. Overheating warning comes on, coolant temp says 260 degrees F, and Engine protection flashes. While idling and as it gets hot the engine will rev itself and up and keep pop getting hotter.
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