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  1. Thanks. Question.. i got 63 codes one time this is month or two ago but all the codes i got had somethin to do with low voltage, or lost communication with module or high voltage could that be a module bad?
  2. The rods... or is that how long they are actuallycomin out the subframe
  3. I have a haynes. Could you step by step yell me how to tilt drop it ? Im ready to the drop now i juss would like reassurance
  4. When i get to the gaskets any gaskets when i put it all back together do i need to use a RTV? and what abt the lower pan any rtv with that gasket ? And also oil pan gasket?
  5. How exactlt do i do the tilt drop? Do i still need to suppirt the motor? And what are those things underneath where the subframe bolts are
  6. I replaced both bottom filters butnot the main one. And ok thanks
  7. Ive had the battery disconnected multiples times. The whine is as soon as i start the car and its there right in the side case and yes it matches the rpms. Last time i had the car runnin it whined in park stopped in reverse and whined again in drive. That was a first cuz normally it juss whined until i turnee the car off
  8. So this means what exactly my tranny is slippin ? Because of somethin right im going to inspect the solenoid and pump hopefully a repair will fix it .
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