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  1. Thx again for posting the info from the service bulletin. Looks like my dealer's technicians learned about this for the first time trying to reprogram the salvage module I installed. Just to finish up this thread, the last thing I tried was complete disassembly of the module (which has about 5 different circuit boards layered in the chassis) to see if I could locate a board with an eeprom containing the VIN. I was unable to locate an eeprom on any of the boards, but decided the VIN was probably stored on one of the 2 boards with CAN bus interfaces on them (audio board and main board).
  2. Thx for your response Logan, appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge with me. It's perplexing to me that the technicians at a GM/Cadillac dealer wouldn't know if an OEM module could be unlocked or not with their own diagnostic and programming tools. They spent a few hours trying to unlock my module, so it seems they believed it was possible. I've asked around from a few other automotive techs, and they all seem to believe the unlock should be simple, and have never heard of "one-time only VIN programming". Also, I have found instructions on the web for performing a VIN relea
  3. I recently lost some radio/cd/nav/hard drive unit functionality (no output to nav touchscreen, unable to access music on hard drive, CD player not working) in my 2009 CTS. I replaced the entire unit (GM part # 25979736 with an identical unit from another 2009 CTS, and it displays the expected "locked" message on my touchscreen. I took it to my local dealer to have it unlocked but they were not successful. The report from the service technician stated that he: (1) verified communication with the radio through the diagnostic port, (2) programmed the radio with the latest calibrations (radio
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