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  1. I located some Dayton 4 lug adapters and then purchased these Dayton Jaguar XJS wheels with the Jaguar badged knockoffs on line. I feel this made the car look more respectable.
  2. A huge improvement over the hub cap wire that were pretty standard on these cars. It looks more like a production car now.The car definitely looks good with those wheels. I prefer the cross laced Jaguar style wheels for my car. I also like the Duke build over the ACA cars for quality in fabrication of the bodies. Items like the long hood, suicide doors and lack of all the through the body carriage bolts that my car has. I will try to post some picts when I can figure out how to download from my pictures. This is the wheel I want to use but cannot find adapters to fit the large splined hub and bolt to my 4x4.25 hubs.
  3. The BC is 4x4.25" from the Mustang II, Pinto, Bobcat platform and is pretty unusual in today's market. I found a set of Dayton 4 lug knock-off adapters that should fit.(I hope) I havn't been able to test fit as the weather is raining lately and the car is all covered up. I found a set of Jaguar XJ6 wheels that use the same adapter. They are 15 x 6.5" with 205 70 R15 tires which are the same height as my 205-75 R14 current whit wall tires mounted on wire basket type steel disk wheels. I don't care for the look of the basket wheels as It screams Kit Car. I also found a bunch of used Jaguar series I 16x4.5 splined wheels which would be perfect but no one makes an adapter that goes from my 4 lug wheels to Jag splines unless someone here knows of a source. Adding wheel adapters to change from 4 lug to 5 lug adds from 1.5 to 2" to each side of the axle and pushes the wheels even further out past the fenders.
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking for a site that caters to these replica jaguar ss100's. I just purchased an ACA car (front engine v6) and am currently going through the same issue regarding the wheel/tire package. I agree that these cars need a taller narrower wire wheel and have been combing the internet looking for something that will work. I got a lot of information from this post and thanks for that. There are a lot of "Kit Car" sites around but not so much covering these vintage Jag replicas from the 70s-80s. Any information or direction would be appreciated. Thanks TOR.
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