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  1. when i changed the IAC valve, the problem stayed the same. all the coded that were pulled led me to change all the parts i mentioned already and now there no more codes. i will try to relearn the proper idle today when i get off work. Thanks for the tip.
  2. i will try this today. when i disconnect it and run it, what should i be looking for?
  3. no i have not, that will probably be the next task i will try. Thanks
  4. all my hoses looked good. but since i changed my intake gaskets i can hear a leak around the throttle body but i can't pinpoint it.
  5. I have a 1996 deville that idle highs at around 2200-3000 RPM when sitting park and when it is in drive it can reach about 30 mph without me pressing the gas. I've changed the following parts and still doing the same thing. vehicle does not misfire or idle rough and starts up immediately. I am stumped. -changed TPS -changed MAF SENSOR -changed IDLE AIR CONTROL SENSOR -changed INTAKE MANIFOLD GASKETS -changed EVAP PURGE SOLENOID
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