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  1. Well, not knowing enough about these cars to make an educated decision ... I bought an OEM Service Manual (yep - that's the kind of guy I am) and studied it. So I would know what I'd be in for if I needed to fix stuff. Asked if I could go back and drive the car again. It was running even rougher this time. 10 minutes in I got the check engine light to come on. Also pretty sure the torque converter was not locking up (apply brake at cruising speed - watch rpm) - other than that the trans seemed to be shifting fine and getting all gears. Pulled codes and got a current E046 "left to right bank fuelling difference". Makes me think (from what I have learned) that this could very well be fuel injectors. Long story short ... I think it's the engine and not the trans causing the rough running. The other thing I found (get this) was a black nylon fuel line (under hood, driver side, next to shock tower) just laying there - connected to nothing. End actually looked like it had been broken off! No gas coming out of it so I have no clue what the hell that was all about. As I told buddy what I was found he said he would not go below $3500 ... I said "good luck with that" and went on my way. Shame because it's a beautiful car - and EVERY darn think works on it. Including the Electronic suspension. Who knows, if he still has it after the winter he may get real on his asking price OR pay someone to get it running right so he can actually sell it.
  2. I am trying! 🏁 What kind of mileage is on your ride now? How long ago did you pick it up (just curious). He's asking 4K (Canadian) so around 3 grand US. Car is super clean except for one rust spot up under the door molding on the driver's side. Underside is darn near mint which is saying something when you're on the rust belt. I would have bought it right away in all honesty if it didn't give me the weird vibe on the test drive. Really sweet car. Lots of character.
  3. I did get codes but there was nothing there of any use. Battery had crapped out on the car and wiped everything clean and it hasn't been driven far enough to trigger any since. The only codes present were ones regarding the computers being "reset" (due to said dead battery) and Twilight Sentinel. Love how the old girl actually monitors that. Do you know why your car is doing this? Duly noted regarding the brake and ABS relay by the way.
  4. I thought so too. I also thought the wheels were from a later model ... you nailed it. They work on the car I think. Lets say this - I would own the car in a minute at the price he's asking if this issue wasn't there. The inside is just as nice. I must say (having owned a Lincoln Mark vii with the digital dash) - the dash on this thing is absolutely stunning. the characters are SUPER bright and sharp. Heck of a lightshow when you turn the key too (bulb test). Even the idiot lights are nice to look at. It is an impressive car in general.
  5. I hear ya. Think I will ask him if I can have another look at it. May seem like a bit of a pain to him but if he wants to sell it ...😉 The sprag thing is what scares me. Anything transmission to precise. Never heard of that one before. He never mentioned anything about it. To be fair he's not really a "car guy". He clearly loves the car, but I don't think he's ever turned a wrench on it himself. Not his fault - not everybody is inclined that way. I asked about fuel economy - he said it's a total guzzler, with that "monster v8" you know. It needs a tune - up for sure. I explained it really shouldn't be a whole lot different than the Lincoln (Mark vii) I used to own. Which got very good mileage even compared to cars today. He doesn't get it. And that's fine. You just can't really him any real mechanical stuff - he doesn't understand it. The poor fuel economy thing had me thinking injectors (one possibility), considering the behaviour of the car. I had the average fuel economy display going for the duration of my short drive and it actually was looking pretty decent to me. It really is a neat car 😁 but I don't want a pig-in-a-poke.
  6. He does not use the parking brake. I always ask because I always use it. Don't want to put the E-brake on in a car if it hasn't been used in years.
  7. Whoa. I never shut down anything. You're hearing something other than what I said (or typed). I answered questions that were asked.. I'm not new to forums or fixing cars. Please do not make assumptions about me. Moving on ... It's the guy's summer car - so it sits out winters. He disconnects the battery when in storage and he seemed genuinely surprised when it would not start. I found out later the battery is eight years old so it may have just reached it's end at that particular moment. He jump started it, not me - from a charger. I do not know if the battery was completely dead. I did not put a meter to it. It did not have enough juice to crank the engine at all. Solenoid click - that's it. I do not know exactly how long the car has been sitting. Yes I checked codes immediately after we got it running.
  8. I really don't think it's brakes but who knows. I was using the brake analogy to help describe what I was feeling. you can pretty plainly feel ABS action right up through the pedal. There was none of that. Could the TCC be active at idle? I guess anything is possible when stuff goes wrong. First thing I did was check codes. There was nothing there of use. Two relating to the computers being reset (battery was dead - car needed a jump start to get going) and Twilight Sentinel. No check engine light came on during my (one and only) drive. Don't know about these cars but my Nissan will only turn on a warning light if it sees the same problem after two drive cycles. Remember - I don't own this car. everything I'm telling you is from the one and only time I saw and drove it.
  9. Is this a real possibility? Like I said, I didn't feel this at all when accelerating or cruising at speed. Ahh ... I see what you're getting at. The brake switch is what unlocks the torque converter. But shouldn't this only (theoretically) be a factor in 3rd or 4th gear?
  10. Nope. Not in park. Only in gear - Drive or Reverse, foot off the gas. Maybe "lurching" is a better way to describe it. But with rhythm. Like someone was pumping the brake (very lightly) in time with a metronome. Car idles at 600/625.
  11. Hi Everyone, New member here - contemplating buying my first Caddy (see title). I am a Ford guy going way back. Mustangs and Lincolns (Town Car and Mark vii). I have recently discovered the awesomeness of these FWD Cadillacs (up to '93) and now I want one! Better late than never I guess. I have test driven a 1991 ETC (what a cool car) and have some concerns. I have educated myself about the issues with fuel injectors (on the 4.9s) and other common problems with these drivetrains. Car starts up and runs ok, gets all gears - shifts smoothly but, when in gear, idling (drive or reverse) there is a slight jerkiness to the motion (foot not on the gas). Once accelerating you can't feel it. Once you get off the gas (now coasting) you can feel it again as you coast to a stop. It's almost like the brake was being pumped 2 or 3 times a second very lightly. Could this be fuel injectors (misfire)? Is there any way that the trans could produce this sensation? I have no problem doing injectors but I'm not looking to mess with tranny problems on day 1 with my "new" car. Mileage is 180 000 kms (112 000 miles). Very clean car in and out. Thanks!
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