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  1. I'm wondering whether replacing these would do it: https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-door-jamb-switch-19329253
  2. I'm thinking about taking it to a Cadillac dealership for a fix, but I'm not entirely sure they'll know what to do with a car this age -- not to mention the cost involved. Anybody have recommendations for an Orlando shop that might know how to address this?
  3. Thanks for your response. The car shows it was manufactured in September 1992. I looked again and on all four doors, I see what appears to be a plug where a plunger might have once been intended to be used. But I see no plunger. You can see the black plug in the center of the attached photo, which is the front driver's side door.
  4. I just looked carefully all around the door and the frame, and I don't believe this car has a switch like the one you're referencing. Separately, I've not noticed any issue with the radio staying on.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. The "door ajar" lights up when the door is open -- or when any door is open; so it doesn't seem this would be the problem.
  6. I've read virtually everything I can find online about the interior lights in my 1993 Fleetwood not turning off. I've read about various fuses, read a Body Control Module in the trunk, about wiring in the door locks and about some kind of switch in the trunk pull-down associated with the alarm. What I cannot find is any information about a "DIL Relay" referenced in the onwers' manual -- a box under the hood on the driver's side wheel well. (Diagram from owner's manual below.) I believe this stands for Delay Interior Lights Relay. Could this be the source of the problem? If so, how do I find a replacement? I can find relays online but nothing specific to DIL Relay. My car has no alarm, and the door locks have never been touched, to my knowledge. Fuses are not the issue (27 is pulled because that's the only way to keep the lights off). If it's not this DIL Relay under the hood, apparently there's another associated relay in the Body Control Module; so that would be the next thing to explore, I guess. Thanks in advance!