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  1. Thanks everyone for the input! I'm gonna make calls to find a good TBI man. In the old (carburetor) days, I would have said 'maybe the choke is sticking & floods the engine when it gets warm'. I'll keep posting, so maybe somebody else won't go as crazy as I've gone!
  2. Yes - thanks for all of the info & I can sympathize with the distressed owner... I always wanted an Allante' when they were new, but couldn't afford one. I 'brilliantly' picked out a (white) '91 model because of its "great, easy-to-work on" 4.5L V8 (200 HP) engine. I bought it from the original owner w/ 23K mi. I drove it from Colorado to Texas & within 24 hours, I jumped in & moved it to higher ground, because of a 50-year flood & the underside took a beating from debris. I was told 'the oxygen sensor probably got knocked off' & 'no problem'... when my wife saw what a beautiful car it was, she said I WANT ONE, TOO! Luckily, Barrett-Jackson sent me an email, sporting a wonderful (black) 1-owner example w/ only 34K miles, 'everything works' & truespoke wheels; I told B-J I couldn't wait for it to be delivered & it came w/B-J paper floor mats, a tote-bag & other goodies. Both - (1) beautiful, (2) perfect interiors, (3) straight and undented exteriors. The white one has a noticeably thicker ragtop, as the former owner said she shipped the car to CA "you know - to that place that makes/replaces Rolls-Royce ragtops". Happy, Happy, Happy!!: Only thing is - neither one has run right. Not only that, they were NOT perfect with respect to stereo systems, lighted mirrors, batteries, doors hung right, tires, etc... I commenced to having everything fixed (I am not a 'modern' mechanic). I took both to a family-owned mechanic shop I've done business with for 20+ years & told them to do 'complete tuneups' i.e. new filters, hoses, plugs, wires, coolant, lubes, batteries, oil, tires, etc. & gave them the SHOP MANUAL I bought on ebay. Well - pick one up, drive it 2-3 mi. & then engine runs REAL rough & the tranny shifts real hard. At idle, the cars just shake & ca-chug-ca-chug. After taking them back for a THIRD time, I gave up & chugged down the street to another shop that works on everything from tour buses to motorcycles. I now have over $3K invested in each & wouldn't drive either to buy a loaf of bread. They both do the same thing... crank up - YAY! Drive 2-3 mi. & they start missing to the point of even dying in traffic. They still look great & are almost cosmetically perfect , but NEITHER ONE will run for more than 4 minutes before - strangling on fuel? losing the timing setting? I've paid for injectors to be ultrasonically-cleaned & several injectors to be replaced. The last time I put the white one in, I had to have it TOWED. Is there someone in this whole world that is an expert on the 4.5L engines? Should I take it to the Caddy dealer? I am REAL disappointed in these two independent shops. They don't burn any oil & the motors look perfect. HELP! - Thank You!