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  1. For Sale, '93 Sedan DeVille, 101,000 Original Miles, Excellent Interior, engine runs fine, good trans, well maintained. Car has very rarely seen snow, undercarriage very clean. Daily driver before mishap, has right front damage. Air Bags did not go off. For Parts or Repair, $1400. Car located in SW Virginia. Had trouble trying to post pictures. I have many. Car is Burgundy with Burgundy Interior. Send PM or Call 540-297-1200.
  2. I agree. We got a good deal and a lot for the money on this particular car. Bought it private party as usual. Now as long as it can last a good while with little or no problems. My old '93 DeVille was great. I bought it at 114,000 and we put another 115,000 on it. Problems, a few, but nothing major. Still runs now, even though we just retired it.
  3. I really like it. Although it is really far advanced to what I'm used to. And here I thought my '93 DeVilles were fancy, lol. Before these I was an old Impala man, 1972 and older. Still drive a '72 C-10 Chevy Pick-up. My main concern with the CTS is fixing something when it breaks. As an old school mechanic, I got by OK with the '93 DeVilles (had 2) along with a little help from a mechanic friend, but even this car is a little too far advanced for him as well. Great car though, my wife just loves it. Looking to learn more about them though. Any info on maintaining them, what
  4. I'm an old '93 DeVille fan, but recently bought an '06 CTS. Looking for opinions on these cars as well as conversations with other CTS owners out there.
  5. OK, thanks. The Pump sounds OK and everything seems normal with it. My problem is that the car cut out on me again after a full tune-up last fall. I want to start with ruling out the Fuel Pump as a possibility. I have a Gauge on order. Thanks again.
  6. Right, I used the Off and Warmer Buttons to produce the Codes. Some updated info since my last post. The battery needed charging and my electric cord would not reach, therefore I pulled the battery, charged it on the bench and re-installed it. I decided to re-check the Codes after that and I got very few in comparison. It seems like the battery dis-connect and re-connect automatically cleared them. Although I read that you can clear them by the Buttons as you have indicated.
  7. On my '93 DeVille with the 4.9, if the car had problems that showed up on the Codes and the problems were fixed, will the Codes erased themselves automatically? Or do they need to be erased manually? Thanks
  8. Just joined. First post. I have a '93 DeVille with a 4.9. First question would be, if I have a Fuel Pump that is going bad, would it show up on the Codes? Thanks
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