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  1. OK, thanks. The Pump sounds OK and everything seems normal with it. My problem is that the car cut out on me again after a full tune-up last fall. I want to start with ruling out the Fuel Pump as a possibility. I have a Gauge on order. Thanks again.
  2. Right, I used the Off and Warmer Buttons to produce the Codes. Some updated info since my last post. The battery needed charging and my electric cord would not reach, therefore I pulled the battery, charged it on the bench and re-installed it. I decided to re-check the Codes after that and I got very few in comparison. It seems like the battery dis-connect and re-connect automatically cleared them. Although I read that you can clear them by the Buttons as you have indicated.
  3. On my '93 DeVille with the 4.9, if the car had problems that showed up on the Codes and the problems were fixed, will the Codes erased themselves automatically? Or do they need to be erased manually? Thanks
  4. Just joined. First post. I have a '93 DeVille with a 4.9. First question would be, if I have a Fuel Pump that is going bad, would it show up on the Codes? Thanks