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  1. @BodybyFisher Thanks. I'll go check it out.
  2. The fan in front of the radiator, well both of them. Not sure if it's a relay, or the fans themselves are shot. But I put new fuses in everything and it won't spin. Have yet to come acrossed why buy I'm thinking of replacing all of it when I can gather up the money.
  3. @BodybyFisher Do you know where I might find a new fan system mine is shot but thankfully I don't drive in town but I'd like to get it working so I could if I need to.
  4. You definitely would have been ten time more helpful than Google was.
  5. @BodybyFisher Yes upper and lower both sides. The guy that had it before me had no clue what was wrong and I took it to a mechanic for diagnostic tests, he had no clue, so I've been tearing it apart looking for answers and I found that there is basically no bushings left. I just got the new one in today and have to replace them before work tomorrow.
  6. @BodybyFisher Outside temps were in the mid 80s low 90s. So hopefully it's fine. I'm already replacing the rear bushing, I can't do another problem yet.
  7. Ok, so I'm looking for some advice, My 99' deville is running rather hot, my thermostat was in bad shape so I went and replaced it, but now it's running warmer than before, its never overheated but i regularly clean out the cooling system as i know the 97 to 99 northstar engine has shorter head bolts and dont want to warp head or anything, but it was staying a 203F or below and now it's running 208 to 212 at highway speeds. I know that's not super hot as the fans won't kick on until 224F but at highway speeds it should run around the high 190's I thought. I'm out of ideas and worried that if will end up overheating in these summer temps. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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