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  1. @BodybyFisher I do need a schematic! Don't laugh but I have no idea what a schematic is. Its frustrating
  2. Hey what my guys, sorry for the late response...been busy with court n other things but big Phil is ALIVE! Everything is ALMOST back to normal. I plugged EVERY Wire back to matched em all together by color...except for TWO! a purple one with a white line and a black one with a white line. All the others match up perfect. On top of headlights, my interior lights and radio stay on!!!! I have to pull a relay, and a fuse AND disconnect the battery just to make it to where my battery doesn't drain... straight HASSLE. Just thankful he's up and running tho. Thanks to yall frfr. Now...I STILL dnt Kno what to do
  3. I can tell it's blue with white stripe, all white, and black with white stripe, possibly another super dark color with white stripe. I wanna fix it soooooo bad. Today I went to the junkyard and got some different wires. I basically cut the wire endings wit plugs from a different bcm...same kinda car same year. I disconnected the wires I was having trouble with and tomorrow I'll start attaching these plugs correctly.
  4. I feel like the DUMBEST person EVER . Still, I feel I made a little progress. Especially taking in ALL info from y'all boys. But. I got the car started! Itll start Everytime I turn the ignition but It won't stay running! I mean I hit my gas to try n keep the engine running but it kills EVERYTIME! also my interior lights won't come BK on. My radio won't turn off I have to disconnect the battery. Idk where to start. A friend says it might be the fuel pump but honestly....I connected every wire BK to the bcm except like's kinda hard to explain but I can't reach em . I hear ppl talking bout programming there bcm but this is my original bcm since the lines were cut though using the same bcm, would I have to program it?? I don't get it, it'll start then bam...shuts off. Never had an issue wit da car. Yall think I could use pigtails from a different car yet connect to my original bcm? Or since it cranks n starts then kills, could it be a part of some security systr.??
  5. I must admit ...I'm starting to feel better. Today I got the car to start!!!!! However it kills in like a second . The more I cranked it seemed like the longer the car would stay on! Longest was like 4 seconds lol. I DNT understand. While the wires were cut and I was figuring out what to do, the only problem I was having we're no interior lights and no crank no start. But now when I even put the car in the on position I here a buzzing sound coming from behind the steering wheel I think. I actually heat shrank the's been complete be HELL HOMIE....LOL they're the smallest wires I've ever seen but I didn't even connect All of them yet I have like 6 more How would I ground the box?
  6. need help with my 95 Fleetwood brougham. Moving things around in my car lol I feel like an IDIOT but ...I cut the wires to my bcm! To relocate the box to make room for car won't start crank turn over at all. Can I just reconnect the wires??? My car is in pretty good shape ...never stopped never had an issue...please help