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  1. Ok. Im going to check the FPR 2morrow. That E046 code came back on. Fuel economy dropped and im experiencing some power loss as well. Im thinking the code is bad plugs and wires. Ir maybe an O2? Could the E046 be caused by a faulty PFR? Im pretty sure the starter needs replacing, Its getting super hot, and once it cools down, she starts right up. I actually put ice on it to speed up the process and it worked.I bought a new starter and tried to put in on but couldn't get the darn exhaust off. Im gonna pay someone else to do it I guess. So i think the starting problem will be solved once the starter is put on.
  2. So i changed the cap and rotor, and they DEFINITELY needed it! Both the cap and rotor were burned out. The ticking didn't go all the way away, but for the most part it did. The ignition coil looked a bit worn so I may wind up changing that as well. Weird thing after finishing the job, the battery drained and died, had to recharge it and everything was fine. Going to change out the battery today.
  3. I do smell fuel. At one point i saw fuel leaking from the fuel line in the rear near th fuel pump. I tightened the clamps and it seemed to stop, but I still smell it. Im gonna try to find the regulator but the service Manuel I have is super vague so it might take me some time.
  4. Ok so I drove for about 45 minutes stopped and it would not start again. Inlet it sit about 45 minutes and viola it started. I tried to reposition the battery wires like I usually do but this time it didn't work. Someone suggested vaporlock. They said that when I had the motor mounts on, there is a possibility that the fuel lines were moved to a position closer to the engine. Any one have experience with vaporlock in fuel injected engines?
  5. I have definitely heard the same from others, hopefully my system doesn't cause any problems. I will definitely keep everyone posted. I also noticed that the battery in stripped on the inside (side terminal). The other day the the she didn't start until i opened the hood and resucures the cable to the battery. I wonder if that is what was causing a lot of this. Since the recent bypass of the vats, cleaning of the throttle-body, and making sure my cables are secure, that E046 code never came back.
  6. I definitely hear you, but I could not find anywhere with resisters to match the ohms on the key. The good thing is I didn't really destroy anything, I only shaved the base of the key, and the connectors are still intact. So if I ever want to repair the factory system I can. I needed to get to work so this was the best option available, besides my after market security is pretty legit, so I'm still protected from theives. Thanks for the chart, I'm definitely going to go ahead and get some resistors and do a more permanent job
  7. Ok so this morning it would not start even after sitting. The security alert kept coming up. So i did some research and found out that these VAT systems are notorious for doing this. Apparently you have to bypass the security system by disconnecting the connector to the system and soldering the other wires together. I will attach some links and videos explaining what I mean. The thing is I couldn't get to any resistors, so I used my spare key with the resistor on it. Basically just exposed a little more wire in the connector, and shaved down the key a little bit, and then put it in the connector so that the wires were touching the resistors. Electric taped it up and bingo it started up.We will see how it goes.
  8. Thanks everyone. Ok so it cranks sometimes, and other times not a thing. It usually only cranks if on the next try it starts up. I have cleaned the battery terminals, and didnt notice corroded wires. BUT NOW when looking at the driver info center I noticed that it says starter disabled, due to anti theft system. This is the first time that has popped up. It tells me to wait 3 minutes, but nothing happens after the 3 mins has passed. I have an after market system so am not sure why the stock anti theft is giving me trouble. Could all this be caused by the anti theft system?
  9. Ok so here is my problem everyone. I have a 1991 Eldorado touring coupe. Recently after driving I stopped to get gas, attempted to start the car and nothing. After trying to start it the in car diagnostic system said the battery was at 11.9. I left, and came back after 40 minutes and it started right up, and the battery read normal again. Now when ever I drive it and turn it off i have to wait at least 45 minutes before starting it up, or it wont start. Everything else inside the car works, stereo, subs, windows etc. Needless to say this is extremely inconvenient, especially with kids in the car. The only code that pops up is E046, left to right fuel imbalance (paraphrased). It come on intermittently, and did not come on the first time this happened. I also notice a ticking noise from the cap and rotor area, so im thinking of replacing that. Can a bad cap and rotor cause that? Just for a background I recently got all motor mounts replaced, and a new fuel pump. When they put the new mounts on they split the hose that connect to the ac (r12). I had them remove it and repair it, and all this started while the hose was removed.They fixed it and put it back on but forgot to plug the compressor back up. I also had to tighten clamps on a fuel line in the back to stop it from leaking fuel. I am new to all this but absolutely love my Eldo, and plan to never get rid of it. I am also a working man who only knows a small amount about cars. Please help me guys so I dont blow my savings dealing with these crooked mechanics in my area.
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