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  1. Hi Mike At first (a couple of weeks ago) before I actually started this thread, we installed new valve lifters and mounted the rocker arms with the shims. (because they were there when we disassembled the motor) At first start-up of the engine it made a terrible noise, and we stopped the motor. One push rod had popped out of the lifter and it was bend. We checked the liftes, and found out, that (although they were new) the had were much "slack" at the top piston, where the push rod is placed. We then purchased a new set of lifters from a different manufacturer (Elgin), and they
  2. Yes I do, but I haven´t seen anything related to that issue.
  3. Hi again. Thank´s a lot for the link. I have read it, at it make sense for me. I will try to install the rocker arms without the shims, and see how it looks regarding the length of the pushrods, clearance and preload on the valve lifters. Thank´s again. Regards, Per
  4. Hi I am doing a total rebuild on my 1955 331 cui engine. During that work I saw, that there were some shims placed under the rocker arm assembly. They do not look like something original, and I wondered if they have to be installed again, when mounting the rocker arm assembly to the cylinder heads. What are they good for? I can only see, that they are making the distance between the valve lifter and the rocker arm longer? Could that longer distance cause problems with the valve lifters (they are all new by the way). If I remove these shims, could that result in a too short di
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