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  1. So I found that all the plug gaps were off! Now I am facing a different problem all together. I have a misfire on the 7th cylinder and 2 codes for the down stream o2 sensors. I replaced both o2 sensors. I also replaced the coil, injector and the plug and plug wires. But I am still getting the same 3 codes? I has a ruff idle that goes away when moving but comes back when I'm at a stop and progressively gets worse the longer I drive it? The only other thing I can see that has a potential issues is the sensor that is next to cylinder 2 by the header? I'm not sure what it is but the Mal
  2. The code is P0300, I also forgot to mention that it also hesitates to start now as well. I am beginning to think I may need to check the plug gaps if the order doesn't specifically matter? Would you happen to know the proper gap size? Oh and yes the engine is the 6L V8
  3. I have recently purchased a 2005 Escalade ESV platinum edition. I have just finished replacing the transmission and I had a spark plug code. So I replaced the spark plugs and I removed all the wires not paying attention to the order. Now that I have the new plug wires I have noticed that they all have different numbers on them which leads me to believe they go in specific spots. I searched the service manual and cannot find this anywhere in the 9000 plus pages. I went ahead and installed them thinking maybe it may not an issue but, now I have a fault cod for a random misfire. Is the
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