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  1. Thanks for the reply ! It is as you guess a bose system - my plan was to remove the head unit and replace it with a more modern unit what happens is if you remove the unit the security system locks the parking brake, fuel gauge goes to zero , battery light comes on etc is there a module available to stop this ? Looking at the wiring diagram the speakers don't have individual amplification - line level signals of just left and right come from the head unit and cd player to the amp ……… you can see my problem...….
  2. Ok so I ended up with a mint 98 STS as part of a deal there is no sound coming out of the stereo so after looking at the antique mini disc / tape set up I thought I would just pull the lot out and fit more modern stuff obviously I now know that if you pull the head unit and amp half the car's electrical systems go mad 5hrs of my life gone that i'll never get back and still no sounds any experts have any advice ? perhaps just the amp has died but I need a little guidance on how to troubleshoot the system r
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