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  1. At what temp should cooling fan kick on ? Trying to find info so know where to start troubleshooting. Thanks
  2. No. It’s called white diamond
  3. Here’s my first Caddy that I have actually done any work to besides changing oil. Love this car !!! And wife does as well !!! Needs good cleaning since I’ve been working on it.
  4. I’ll try that. Thank u !!!!
  5. Ok. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks
  6. Anywhere else ? What do u mean ?
  7. I will try it on laptop but not to computer savvy ???? Thanks
  8. Might check out hubcaphaven.com ???? I bought one to match stock rims on my 1999 Cadillac. Matched perfectly
  9. How can I post pics to share my beautiful Caddy ? Every time I try it’s telling me pictures are to big. Tried reducing them on my iPhone but cannot get it to work ????
  10. Yes they did refund for defective peice. Thank u for all the info !!!!
  11. Yes agreed about the satisfaction !!!!! Can’t beat the ride of a Cadillac
  12. I will definitely be checking on this website to keep up with anything going on and help out if I can ???? Said before that I have owned many caddy’s but this is first one I’ve actually worked on. It’s an experience!!!!! Thanks again !!!!!
  13. Fantastic !!!!!!! Replaced alternator with the AC Delco from RockAuto. Battery is charging just fine. Took some time but with the help from u guys it is now back on the road. Many, many thanks for the info to help me figure this out. Thank u !!!!!!!!
  14. Thru the dash. I do not have a reader yet
  15. Yes battery light is on and battery not charging showing on display. When checking codes with these on all I get is P0603
  16. Only code I’m getting is P0603
  17. Yes replaced pigtail and about 3” of wire
  18. Yes and I use small price of lexan on radiator.
  19. Took ur advice and ordered an AC Delco from rock auto. Thank u for the discount code and all the advice !!! I have had several Cadillac’s thru the years but this is the first I have really worked on myself. It’s challenging but rewarding at same time. Will post results in couple days after receive alternator. Once again THANK U !!!!
  20. Bought at O’Rieleys auto parts and yes it’s a lifetime alt. Did not know this info about glitch. I will check for codes again tomorrow and post what it says. THANK U for the info !!!!
  21. Interstate battery. Had it checked after replacing battery and alternator and everything was normal. Cleared codes already so can’t remember what they was but not showing any codes now just showing battery not charging and battery light is on ??? Found this sight after cleared codes