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  1. Thanx for the reply. It was 86 degrees out here in West Tex Desert yesterday. You are correct all around. When I hit "fan up" to clear codes it just jumps back to: "ACM ?" When it was running through the codes it did say 1520 Current, B1327, and B1314. When I tried to clear these codes it just jumps to ACM? Sometimes NY sounds great!
  2. Had same problem with an old flat head 6 cyl Rambler. It would not budge. It sat up for 6 years and one of the plugs was out of it. We squirted Penetrol (penetrating oil) in all the cylinders, came back the net day with a fresh battery and tapped the switch a few times, waited about 2 hours, tapped the switch again and it spun freely. We did the same thing with a frozen 8-N Ford Tractor and the penetrating oil did the trick!
  3. On my '98 Deville I replaced air compressor. I tried to reset codes and when I got to "ACM"....it said "Clear Codes". I pressed Fan Up and it jumps to "ACM?" . I tried disconnecting the battery for 10 min...no luck. When I start car it says "Service A/C Sytem". I have freon in system as the compressor was jumped to charge it up. I can't get the compressor to come on at all. Not certain what I face in charges when I have to take it to dealership.. I may have to drive it hot unless someone has an idea. Thanx in advance for any advice!