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  1. Hello! 😀 I just ran across this site, joined, and wanted to introduce myself. I am fortunate enough to have a landlord who lets me drive his '96 LE Cadillac Sedan Deville. Sweet ride that he loves, but hasn't driven himself in over five years and won't sell. I've grown to love the car myself over the last several years and am, more or less, promised to inherit the car, eventually. Seeing is believing... Charlie will turn 80 this year...I am already 65 and don't own a vehicle. The car is only approaching 65k miles, but the body has seen its share of 'wear' that could easily be fixed. I hope to own the Caddy one day! It's a light metallic green with a dark green cloth top, and the green leather driver's seat fits my frame! The 32v Northstar engine sort of concerns me as I've heard that it is hard to work on, but other than that this is a dream of a car as far as I am concerned!