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  1. Rockfangd, I will mention what you said to my mechanic. Hopefully, he will understand. Bruce Nunnally, all I can do is read or show him the posts and see what he says. Thank you
  2. Hello All. I'm new here. Forgive me for starting a thread that I'm sure was covered already. I'm totally new to Cadillacs. Actually this is my first car that I have owned by myself. I inherited a 95 Cadillac Deville It has been leaking brake fluid and the mechanic I bought the car to to get fixed has told me the piece I need has been discontinued and hard to find. I told him I will try to help find it. I am having no luck. Any ideas where I can find what I need? I need a 18018429 proportioning valve. Is any other valve compatible? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.